Thursday, January 5, 2017

ARC REVIEW Luke by R.C. Ryan

First time reader of R.C. Ryan and even though this is the second book of the series it can be read as a stand-alone. I enjoyed this book I loved the characters the plot was enjoyable and very well done. Luke is a knight-errant in a Stenson, if you are looking for an adventurous, daredevil cowboy who isn't going to turn away someone he cares about this is the cowboy you are looking for. Ingrid is a headstrong rancher determined not to lose her family's legacy. Unfortunately her father's untimely death left her mother with the property and left Ingrid and her little sister with the cattle. Ingrid just needs to make it until the spring when she can sell off the herd and buy her birthright from her horrible mother.

Strange things have been happening around Ingrid's property like a fire, someone poisoning her dog; Ingrid is stretched to her limit on keeping things together and her mother's money grubbing hands are not helping. When Luke is photographing a wild herd of mustangs a rifle shot spooks the horses and knocks him off his horse and bangs his head. Ingrid finds him and even though she thinks he's the one who took the shot she takes him back home to tend to his wounds. It's a couple of days before Luke is up and moving around again but one thing he knows for sure is that he can not leave Ingrid alone with her sister and an older, should be retired by now, ranch hand to deal with a pushy neighbor and suspicious activities. Ingrid is suspicious of Luke she doesn't know his motives and assumes her mother's "honky tonk angel" ways will seduce Luke just like every other man around. Luke only has eyes for Ingrid and he's going to work hard to prove to her that he's not going anywhere as long as she needs him. The suspicious activities start to escalate and the sexual tension between Luke and Ingrid intensifies until Ingrid finally gives in and soon realizes she loves him.      

I love the fact that right off the bat the prologue establishes just how far Luke is willing to go to help those he loves. I loved that the harder Ingrid wanted to hate Luke the more she loved him. I loved Gracie "Lil'bit" The end was really good a nice climatic ending. Overall a great read.

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