Thursday, January 12, 2017

ARC REVIEW Riding High by Stacy Finz

Book 8 already! Wow! Riding High bring together Gia Treadwell who we meet in the last book as a financial genius who was swept off her feet by a scheming con-man who stole a butt load of money and ruined her professional reputation. And although the grand jury acquitted her the FBI still has her in sights to find her ex-boyfriend swindler who has disappeared with the millions he took. Flynn is a former FBI turned private practice lawyer/rancher and his family has been leasing the land she bought for graze land. Flynn, although he knows innocent until proven guilty, can't help but be sceptic about Gia's intentions. Flynn is soon confused by what he's read about her and how she acts, then again she pulled a rifle on him the first time they meet. This book also reinforced why I dislike the character Clay so much. There is a side story (which is typical for this series) of Clay and Emily, no spoilers, but he continues to be a complete ass.

Gia needed to get away from everything in her old life and to finally do something she really believes in, that is why she liquidated all her assets to have enough money to buy the ranch. Gia is now earning her money in day trading, going back to where she started. Unfortunately the FBI is still trying to pin her down so she can give them information on her ex to the point of harassment. She hires Flynn to help keep the wolves at bay, it isn't until then that he starts realize there is so much more to Gia then he ever thought, so much more than she ever let anyone see when she was a celebrity. While Gia tries to get her new homestead up and running and earning money and starting on her special project she is falling in love with Flynn, even with as gun shy as she is about trusting her heart again Flynn is a good guy and she can't help but fall in love. Flynn is taken with her beauty, impressed by her intelligence and despite trying to remain impartial he can't help but stand up for her and stand by her and fall in love with her.

Overall, another great Nugget Romance! P.s. I really do dislike Clay.      

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