Tuesday, February 28, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Wonder Woman: Vol 1 The Lies

Wonder Woman  Vol. 1 The Lies

 By: Greg Rucka,
 Paulo Sigueira, Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott, Matt Clark, Laura Martin
Variant Cover Art: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
#1, #3, #5, #7, #9, #11 and Rebirth

The Story: This story arc runs parallel with “Year One” It follows Diana on her search for the truth. Diana has lost her way she’s doubting herself and her role as Wonder Woman. She is also starting to remember two distinctively different pasts. Looking for help in her search for the truth Diana seeks out and old friend and enemy Barbara Ann Minerva/ Cheetah. But Cheetah won’t help for nothing and demands that Diana help her in her journey to destroy the God who cursed her.  Along the way she once again crosses path with Steve Trevor.

The Art: Outstanding. I love the detail and the contrast between light and dark. It adds a visual to the conflict that Diana is currently feeling the two halves of herself not knowing which one is the true Diana. She wears almost a perpetual sad and confused look on her face, even when smiling it still seems sad. I loved Cheetah’s look, she looks more feral and terrifying. Steve Trevor looked like a young Chuck Norris mixed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I liked it.

The Characters:
Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman: I love the creation origins behind Wonder Woman. She is everything Superman and Batman are except a woman. She is a diplomat first only resorting to violence unless it’s the last resort. I have a feeling that she going to be facing some serious internal conflict in the upcoming events.

 Barbara Ann Minerva/ Cheetah: I have never liked Cheetah more than I do now. Rucka rewrote Cheetah’s origin a little. Instead of just being a jealous heiress turned archeologist who was then cursed and possessed by a cheetah, she has a deeper past. In which Rucka went into with Minerva’s own origin comic.

 Steve Trevor: Steve was Diana’s first love, and I have a theory about first loves. You never really stop loving them. You may grow apart and become different people but deep down you still love who that person was and how they made you feel. I think that’s what Steve is to Diana, even if they can’t be together Diana still has that feeling of what they meant to each other. But I sense that in future comics those feelings will be tested.

Etta Candy and the rest of Steve Trevor’s team show up and do their thing. Etta later aids Diana in her search and Godwatch makes an appearance.

Review: I read this just as is, I haven't read the Year One story arc yet, so it did seem like I miss something but the artwork and this story arc way then made up for it, that and I looked up stuff on wiki to catch up. (psst don't read wiki of you don't want spoilers on where the story is going) I've never been a diehard fan of Wonder Woman; I love what she stood for and her strength but my only real exposure to her were the Linda Carter Wonder Woman reruns on the Sci-fi Channel growing up but between DCEU animated movies, can not forget InJustice video game, and now Dawn of Justice and the new upcoming movie (that looks awesome) I am really diggin' it. With "Rebirth" I thought that it would be like a giant reboot and that I could jump in and be fine, nope. I have no idea where they are going with it but so far I do like it. I hope I get to review more. I really enjoy a good internal conflict and a bit of romance with my action. I like where Rucka is going with this so far.

**I am a newb. I will be the first to admit that. I am fairly new to reading comic books. I mainly read DC, my first comic book love was Sandman by Gaiman which I read before really getting into comics. I have been a fan since Batman the Michael Keaton movie. I've mainly watched the cartoon series and the animated movies, after watching Flashpoint Paradox I knew I needed to read the actual thing. I got into the comics, never looked back and now here I am trying to review some of my favorite and iconic characters.**    

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