Thursday, February 9, 2017

ARC REVIEW Into the Firestorm by Kat Martin

Brodie Operations Security Service, Inc. or BOSS, Inc. for short is a Seattle based security company run by (duh) the Brodies. In book three we find that Luke as finally met his match, who better for battle jaded tough guy Luke to fall in love with than a jaded tough girl out for revenge. I think I liked this one better than the other two, Emma is such a strong character and so determined to do what she has to do. If you have read the previous two books you have seen (well, read) Luke in action so you can imagine his surprise when a petite curly haired woman with some serious curves takes out a bail jumper all on her own. Luke hopes they aren't after the same guy, but when she shows up asking questions about the same guy he's looking for he realizes she doesn't know just how much in over her head she is, and even though their are reasons he never takes on partners he would rather her work with him than on her own and the sexual attraction is not helping the matter.

Emma was all set to be a teacher, but after her niece's rape and the rapist jumped bail and disappeared. Emma stopped everything and for the better part of the last year she has been working out, training, and studying to be a bounty hunter. In her research she has read up on Luke Brodie, she admires him for the bounty hunter he is and for being able to get anyone he goes after. But when she finally meets him she is hit unexpectedly with attraction. Despite all the warning from everyone to not get sexually involved with Luke, and even though Luke knows better and that she deserves better than him they give in to the attraction. They tell each other that it's will just be until the job is over then they will go their separate ways but of course it never works out that easily. When Luke finds out that Emma has plans to kill the guy he is willing to do anything to protect her from having to do that.

Overall, it was a really good suspense. Kat Martin is great with the action and fight sequences. Luke and Emma fit like puzzle pieces they just fit perfectly together.    

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