Tuesday, March 28, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Batgirl Vol. 1 Beyond Burnside

Batgirl Vol 1: Beyond Burnside

Issues #1-6 By Hope Larson Art by Rafael Albuquerque Color by Dave McCaig

Story: Parts 1-5 follow Barbara Gordon to Japan for a well-deserved “vacation” but what she is actually doing is trying to find a new edge. She has tracked down the oldest living Super-Hero, Fruit Bat, in hopes that she can learn something new. What she finds turns out to be even more valuable. Barbara runs into an old friend, someone she had lost contact with long ago, Kai. Quickly they rekindle their old friendship but this time with a bit of attraction thrown in too. Barbara realizes that Kai is in over his head with whatever it is that he’s doing after they get attacked by a school girl costume wearing wacko with a Student tattoo written in Kanji only who was only defeated with the help of Fruit Bat, so Barbara decides to stick close to Kai. Barbara decides to train in MMA in Singapore where she meets yet another martial arts villain with a matching tattoo to the school girl. Kai says stuff that doesn’t sit right with Barbara and she finds out what Kai has been doing. Barbara meanwhile is struggling with her training and not being fast enough for the students, she tracks down Teacher in South Korea she has to figure out a way to defeat Teacher.  Part 6 is a fun little story where Barbara runs into Poison Ivy on the plane trip home.

Art: The art was nice not my favorite, the neon bright colors not my thing, I did like the halftone screen pattern and the gradient color backgrounds, gave it a nice touch. Albuquerque, I like. I like the very expressive facial expressions slightly over exaggerated, great action movement and the way Batgirls eidetic memory is visualized.

Review: Overall this was a great read, the story arc was interesting and the villains quirky. Barbara has some growing up to do but I think this is a good start. I can’t wait for more.

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