Tuesday, March 21, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Die Laughing

DC Universe ReBirth Harley Quinn Vol. 1 Die Laughing
Written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor
Art by Amanda Connor, John Timms, Chad Hardin, Bret Belvins, Joseph Michael Linser, Jill Thompson
Includes Issues: Rebirth and 1-6

Story: I think this one was started right because they basically have Harley give you all the poignant information and reintroduce everyone. So if you haven’t read the Harley Quinn series that this continues you are all caught up. The first three issues Afterbirth, Coney Island of the Dammed, and Goin’ for Takeout follow one story arc which I had problems getting into, Coney Island gets overrun by zombie/not zombies and I personally am very tired of zombies but I did like the twist they put on the zombies. Then we have 108 Million Ways to Die!  Harley and Bolly Quinn travel to India to take down an evil call center from swindling money from the unsuspecting. Undercover Punker is the next story arc which is in three parts Eat This Beat, The Skull Bags’ Big Snag, and Satin Underground. In these Harley is asked to help track down and take down a band of thieves stealing mail. This leads to Harley forming a punk band and getting a new look.  It goes from performing on stage, horribly singing and abusing her audience, to an underground superhero cosplay club. Harley takes down the gang and also discovers who really was behind it all.

Art: It’s good it’s your typical Harley Quinn. It has some really fantastic cover art and variant cover art. This group is pretty consistently good. The tool shaped dialogue bubbles/speech balloons for Red Tool was a nice touch; although a few of the hand saw one look like a weird unicorn. The New 52 Harley took some getting used to when it first came out, but I like what Conner did with Harley when she got her own comic, I love the roller derby Harley. Poison Ivy is so beautifully done. The backgrounds and the coloring are outstanding.   

Characters: Harley is joined by her usual band of misfits, specifically Big Tony, Eggy, Bolly Quinn, and Red Tool who is a not funny parody of Deadpool, and Poison Ivy. I have been in love with Harley since her first appearance in Batman: The Animated series. She was funny, cute, pun-tastic, and no matter how hard she tried things never went her way and she always ended up back in Arkham.

Review: Overall, it was a funny as hell read as soon as I got through the first three issues, the funniest part from the first story arc was when Harley cut off Red Tool’s arm and the hospital transplanted a replacement arm from a notorious masturbator. Harley Quinn is as lovably crazy as always as she should be.  Her cohorts are a nice balance to her insanity. I quite enjoy the silly humor, bad jokes, and outrageous side characters. Harley is pretty out there herself so of course she would surround herself with like minded individuals, even if she is too crazy for them sometimes.   

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