Tuesday, March 7, 2017

ARC REVIEW I Wanna Be Loved By You by Heather Hiestand

I swear reading Heather Hiestand's The Grand Russe Hotel series puts me in the mood to watch BBC's The House of Eliott or dig out my silent movie collection. Not to mention that I  have have this internal jazz soundtrack playing in my head as I read them. I didn't like this one as much as I liked the first book, I rated them the same but I liked Alecia and Ivan more than I liked Sadie and Les. Sadie was a bit more of a flake at first it wasn't until later in the book she really blossomed. Les was pretty much a cad throughout the whole book, constantly lying to Sadie and even though he thought he was doing it to protect her, he was just being a cad and she was just so eager for attention. As much as I didn't like her attitude and how things played out between them I understand that it was how it was back then. The story was good I liked the spy aspect it was nice to get back to the Russian problems happening in England and on the inside of problem.

Sadie dreams of something more, she left her grandfather's home in search of it and until she does find it she content to being a chambermaid. Until she's knocked down by a Russian brute and is picked up by a swave and good looking salesman. Les is drawn to Sadie and even though he knows he shouldn't he brings her into his world of covert operations. Well he brings her in but doesn't tell her what he's really doing, she is his cover. Sadie agrees to playact as Les' wife, she doesn't really know why but when he gets injured and she's stranded with him at the hospital until his release she knows she needs to keep with him or else ruin her reputation. Les likes Sadie and hates that he brought her in on this but it's too late to back out now, not to mention he really is getting attached to her and while he doesn't want to admit it he's falling in love with her. Les and Sadie get married, fake married he was ordered to by his boss to marry her and try and move into the Grand Russe to spy on the Russian diplomat who lives there. But things get complicated when Sadie finds out the truth not just the fake marriage but also the reason he married her and why they are at the Grand Russe. Can Sadie overlook all of Les' lies?

Overall, the spy bit was the best part of the book. Sadie and Les were just not really a good couple for me. I can't wait for the next one though.    

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