Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ARC REVIEW Passion Favors the Bold by Theresa Romain

Passion Favors the Bold is the second part of Theresa Romain's Royal Rewards Duo. It runs partially parallel with the first book, Fortune Favors the Wicked. It centers around Georgette and Hugo, Georgette is the younger sister to Benedict Frost from the first book, she has spent her life in the bookstore and with her twenty-first birthday looming she knows she needs to do something with herself before her birthday and she is forced to move from the only home she has known. Hugo is the youngest son of a Duke and instead of joining the clergy like his father wanted him to he became a doctor. Hugo and Benedict met in Edinburgh and Benedict, knowing Hugo resided in London, asked if Hugo could stop by and check on his sister ever so often. Hugo and Georgette get acquainted over the years and when he finds out that she has moved out and is going on her own search for the Royal Reward he goes with her, not without trying to talk her out of it but in turn she talks him into helping because the notoriety of finding the lost gold will surely help him get funding for the hospital he wants to build.

The entire time it almost seems like they argue for the sake of argueing. Hugo's common sense is constantly at war with his own need and Georgette's desire to do something with her life. As much as Hugo tried to talk her out of it and is grumbling because of what's happening he is having a good time on this adventure. The adventure also helps Georgette and Hugo come to some conclusions about their lives and the path they need to take. Unfortunately I didn't quite get the chemistry between them. Yes it there but they spend so much time arguing and both so stubborn it gets in the way of the sexual chemistry, but when they finally do give in it's good.

Hugo and Georgette and a pesky Bow Street Runner are all after the same thing for reasons of their own. The rumors have lead them up north where the missing gold isn't the only problem and when more people end up dead the three of them join forces to uncover the truth and find the gold. Overall, it was a good story not as good as the first one but on the plus side I don't think it matter what order you read these two books in the only commonality between them beside the fact that Benedict and Georgette are related is the gold; so they can be stand alone.


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