Tuesday, April 4, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Black Prince by Tigris Eden

OH MY GODS!!! Never expected this... I mean Enri! Daaammmmn Tigris! I wouldn't recommend reading this if you haven't read the previous books, they are kinda important especially when it comes to knowing just how big of an ass Enri really is. Yewa is a new-ish character sister to one of the Shadow Unit. Yewa is special she really is it take someone with a strong heart and strong emotional strength to survive what she did and still be a caring and gentle person. Enri is so not worthy of her of but she sees something in him that noone else does, and she knows exactly what he is capable of and open-hearted enough to forgive him for it all.

The Shadow Unit knows something is coming, something very, very bad, and they think they know how to stop it and they need the help of Enri. They think they can stop it but the truth is nothing can not even Lord Chaos himself can stop what is coming. In Enri's search for the truth he discovers everything... and along with him Yewa, because she has a feeling she needs to be with him. As Enri starts to remember everything he also comes to realize exactly how special Yewa is, but when push comes to shove will he be willing to give up everything to protect her?

Overall, this book really was awesome. I don't want to go to into it I don't want to give too much away but this book is up on the epic scale, prepare for book hangover. Reading the four books before this one sooo worth it I loved them all.


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