Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth All Star Batman Vol 1 My Own Worst Emeny

All Star Batman

Vol 1 My Own Worst Enemy

Issues #1-5.
Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Danny Miki, John Romita, Jr., Declan Shalvey
Cover by: John Romita, Jr., Declan Shalvey, Danny Miki

Variant cover by: John Romita, Jr., Jock, Declan Shalvey, Danny Miki

Scott Snyder returns to write more awesome Batman. The whole journey is back and forth between the past friends that Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne use to be and the now. Two –Face has put a hit on Batman as he tries to return his old friend to his old self again. Harvey sent Batman a message that he found a way to eliminate his split personality but he hid it in a place Two –Face will never know about. THe hit brings out all kinds from the woodwork. Penguin, Black Mask and Great White hire an Assassin to kill Batman and Two-Face. Along the way Batman is faced with a multitude of foes and civilians. 

The art was impressive, the details and the somewhat muted tones mixed with the bright primary colors. It kind of reminded me of an old style of story book illustrations. I really liked the way Two-Face was drawn.  

Batman/ Bruce Wayne: of course, his usual brooding, loyal, overprotective self. Protecting his ward, loyal to an old friend and brooding over the past that he can't change. Determined to do the right thing to fix the unfixable no matter the obstacles. 

Duke: the new not Robin. As of now Duke may be in what looks like a Robin costume but Batman told Gordon they were trying something new. I like Duke so far. He differs from the majority of the rest of the sidekicks as his parents are still alive (like Tim Drake) but Duke has a vendetta against the Joker and he wants justice to always prevail, and not just like Batman but mostly because his mother.  

Two-Face/Harvey Dent: Two-Face knows the right way to manipulate Bruce Wayne.

Other cameos: Amygdala, Killer Croc, King Shark, Firefly, Killer Moth, Black Spider, Copperhead, Cheshire, The Royal Flush Gang, Gotham’s Lords of Organized Crime, Harold Allnut, The Court of Owls, The Beast.

Review:  I really liked this one. I've never been a big Two-Face fan but this one was pretty good. The manipulation level was really up there and bringing in all these other villains honestly I didn't even know two of them even existed. The story kept me hooked to the end all very exciting I couldn't put it down, and the last one with a bit of the back story with Duke was nice to have.  


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