Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Wonder Woman vol. 2 Year One

Wonder Woman vol 2 Year One

Issues 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14
DC Universe Rebirth
Story by Greg Rucka
Art by Nicola Scott with Bilquis Evely 

 The story: I don’t know if Greg Rucka is really annoying or a freakin’ genius breaking up the story like he is, back and forth between the past and present with each issue. All I know is I am glad I wait for the graphic novel comes out in volumes grouped by the timeline. The story, as the name implies, is the first year the very beginning. We see side by side Diana and Steve a few years before up to the point when Steve ends up on Themyscira and all that jazz. It’s a good point of reference if you have no idea about how that got started and to point out differences from the past origin stories. Once Diana leaves and is confronted with the realities of our modern world she is astounded with the wonders of it and dismayed at all the violence. The Gods have gifted Diana with special abilities, to aid her on her mission, as she goes on she discovers what they are; super strength, flying, ect…

The problem all leads back to the terrorists, The Sear Group. The mission Steve was on when he crash landed was to stop the Sear Group from obtaining a deadly chemical. Now that have it and they are threating massive attacks around the world. Barbara Ann Minerva who was contacted because her knowledge and ability with languages and is so far the only one who can communicate with Diana, connects the dots between The Sear Group and Ares. Big fight ensues.

Art: Nicola Scott did a great job with it. I love the differences between past and present. Liam Sharp has a great visual of the desperation and sadness Diana feels while Nicola Scott is lighter and you can see the happier, younger more na├»ve side of Diana before it all changes. I especially like the more 70’s retro feel to some of the illustrations. The action is well done and the coloring fantastic. The variant covers pretty awesome.

Characters: The cast of characters is basically the same as vol. 1 but you have the added Amazons. Diana is a young and hopeful woman, sees the good in things and she genuinely wants to help. Steve was the sole survivor of the plane crash and feels the loss of his best friend and his brothers in arm, especially since his best friend just had a baby Steve is feeling a bit of survivor's guilt but his need to stop the Sears is stronger. Diana and Steve bond through their grief. Barbara Ann Minerva also has her little pre-origin type story in this volume as well which shows her obsession with finding the real life Amazons and a bit on her background. Etta Candy is also here but not as prominent yet.  


Review: Overall, I don’t know how much I love the back and forth the story is going with past and present and I am hoping the end result is as good as I think it could be. I love origin stories so this was a good read for me. I like knowing the who, what, where, why, and how’s of the character. It is definitely a well thought out story with beautiful art.    


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