Thursday, May 4, 2017

ARC REVIEW It Started with a Kiss by Ella Quinn

Book Three of Ella Quinn's The Worthington's series but can easy be read apart from the others. Ella Quinn has a way with words it's a quick read and has all the charm and romance of her other books that makes her so enjoyable to read. I loved the first book. There is a large cast of characters on Louisa's side of the family and it's easy to get lost if you allow yourself to get distracted by them really the only thing you need to focus on is Louisa and Gideon but if you can't then read the first book it is so worth it.

The romance was pretty easy between Gideon and Louisa. It was love at first sight and Louisa knew pretty much from the start that Gideon was going to be the man she wanted to marry. The main conflict has purely to do with male pride and Gideon not feeling worthy of Louisa because the state his father left the estate in, which was a wreck. Gideon flat out refused to pay any of his father's gambling debts, and even gave his father's mistress plenty of time to vacate the townhouse she occupied. He also send out word to all the pawn shops that if any of the items on the list were to show up that they were stolen property and to be confiscated and returned. Gideon had his solicitor earning his wages with all things Gideon was trying to fix. But people don't take the hint, people are threatening Gideon, and his father's mistress isn't going to let go so easily. All the while he was hiding this from Louisa.

Conflict number two, Louisa is pretty much the bell of the ball and even with all the suitor she could choose from she just wants Gideon, unfortunately his cousin called Gideon to London to help him persuade Louisa to marry him, but Gideon had already met and fallen in love with Louisa. Gideon loves his cousin and tries to do things Louisa's way by showing him their is someone better for him. To add to the all the crap Gideon has to deal with with his father's vowels, someone tries to blackmail Gideon into marrying his daughter but when Gideon is faced with the girl Louisa speak up and claims she is already engaged to Louisa which his cousin overhears and throws a tantrum. Gideon needs to learn it's ok to ask for help and that Louisa is much stronger than he thinks.

Overall, I really liked this book. It was fun and I loved the characters, the whole family is great and loveable I can't wait for their books.    

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