Thursday, June 15, 2017

ARC REVIEW Ask For The Moon by Rochelle Paige

Ask for the Moon is part of Rochelle Paige's Fated Mate series and also part of Kindle Worlds multi-author series Paranormal Dating Agency. Rochelle Paige has a way with storytelling, because that is exactly what it feels like it feel like someone telling a story which fades into a flashback. I love insta-love and I always (almost always) get that with RP, in this case boy did I get it; that matchmaker is pretty good.

Seth is the head of the council his beta informs him that having his fated mate by his side would be beneficial for his position and send him to a matchmaker. Jane is a lone wolf she ran away from her previous pack for personal reasons, but being lonely has taken it's toll and finally agreed to let her best friend who is also a popular matchmaker in the paranormal community set her up on a date. Jane wasn't expecting a fated mate and Seth wasn't expecting to actually finding his fated mate.

Jane is worried that Seth won't accept her when he finds out why she left her previous pack, but not only does he accepts her he rights a wrong. Overall, this was an exceptional short and naughty novella, I wish there was more to the story but it was pretty darn good as is.  

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