Thursday, June 15, 2017

ARC REVIEW Beyond Reason by Kat Martin

Beyond Reason is the start of a new series from Kat Martin, Texas Trilogy. It was a nice step away from the Brody's series. It was a good read very typical Kat Martin, which is a good thing, good romance, good plot, and well paced. My only complaint is that Lincoln was too much of the cliched billionaire playboy. It was a nice change to have a book take place in Texas and not be about cowboys, thank you very much, we are not all cowboys, oil tycoons, or mexican labourers. The trucking industry is big and it's nice to see it getting some attention for a change (that I know of).

Carly Drake has so much to make up for, she knows just how much her Grandfather did for her she feels guilty for not being here for him sooner. Now that he's dead she's going to make Drake Trucking once again into one of the best trucking companies in Texas, but the cards are stacked against her and if it isn't one thing it's another and here she is five weeks after her grandfather's death her best driver was shot down and hijacked and the police aren't very hard to find out why. Lincoln Cain owes so much to Joe Drake, after he got out of prison Joe was the only one who gave him a chance and it was that one opportunity that lead Lincoln on the path to being as successful and rich as he is now. Lincoln made a deathbed promise to Joe that he would take care of Carly after Joe's death. Lincoln heard so much about Carly and expected her to be polished and spoiled, his plan was to buy the company from her for enough money to set her up for life and she wouldn't have to worry about money any more. What he got was an insanely beautiful and determined woman who said no. Lincoln isn't the only one who she said no to, Carly also said no to a local drug lord and now she's in over her head, top it off with company money disappearing and the death of her best driver. Lincoln is bound to help her whether she wants it or not but once she realizes who the drug lord is she's willing to accept help to take him down.

Overall, this was a good read it has some good side stories going on, the character development was nice with the background information on Lincoln. The romance aspect was enjoyable, like all playboys once he has his girl, Carly, she's the only one that matters. and I'm looking forward to Beau's, who is Lincoln's business partner and childhood friend, story.

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