Tuesday, June 13, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Trinity vol 1 Better Together

Trinity: Vol 1 Better Together
Issues 1-6
DC Universe Rebirth

Story by: Francis Manapul,
Art by: Francis Manapul, Clay Mann, Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy, Matt Santorelli, Hi-Fi

 Story: In an act of friendship and as a chance to get to know the new Superman, Lois Lane invites Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne to the farm house for dinner. It goes fine aside from little Jon accidentally burning a hole through the door and almost burns a hole through Bruce and Diana. But after dinner something funny happens. They get tangled up in a suspicious vine that transports them into their dreams where they must relive pivotal life changing events from their lives. Poison Ivy orchestrated it but the real menace behind it all is not who they think. Now Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman need to trust each other enough to get out alive all the while Lois and Jon are in the real world dealing with Poison Ivy.

 Art: Beautiful. Francis Manapul did the art for the part 1, 2, and 5. Emanuela Lupacchino does the penciling for 4 and 6 with Ray McCarthy and Matt Santorelli and HI-FI as the inkers and colorist. Part Three is done by Clay and Seth Mann with Seth Anderson as the colorist. They all did a fantastic job. I am always picky on Poison Ivy and how she is drawn and I love how she’s drawn in this. I’m warming up on the neon colors, not much but I’m getting used to it.

Characters: Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman, Bruce Wayne/ Batman, Clark Kent/ Superman, Lois Lane, Jon Kent, Poison Ivy, and various characters from each of the characters pasts.

Review: I had no idea what happened before this with Superman and was a little lost but that is what Google is for I looked it up and found a great spoiler from back in March, (What the Hell did Superman just do to the DC Comics) that explained it to me. With this new information so much more makes sense! The story in this was very engaging I couldn't put it down, that's why I wait for the volumes to come out. Each of the characters had to face something from their past that helped shape who they are and face other issues that came from the guilt of their past. Clark gets to talk to his father again, Diana meets a younger version of herself and Bruce has to relive his parents death and the trauma afterwards. But in each situation the character takes away an important lesson from it. Unfortunately they weren't the only ones learning the vulnerabilities of the trio. It was a great story and showed so much character development.         

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