Tuesday, June 20, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Nightwing vol 2: Back to Bludhaven

Nightwing vol. 2: Return to  Blüdhaven
DC Universe Rebirth
Issues # 9-15

Story by: Tom Seeley
Art by: Marcus To, Marcio Takara, Minkyu Jung, Chris Sotomayor, Marcelo Maiolo

Story: Nightwing’s future is undetermined at the starting point of this comic he’s been suffering from some pretty bad dreams, Superman has an idea on what might be happening and he helps Nightwing and gives him the idea that maybe moving to  Blüdhaven, like the Nightwing he knew, would be the best course of action for him. Dick takes the advice and moves to  Blüdhaven to start over with a clean slate and to help sort out everything that has happened. Once there it becomes obvious that the city needs him just as much as he needed a new place to call home. A group of reformed villains have taken refuge in  Blüdhaven, they just want a chance to start over. But the crime is rising and someone is framing these reformed villains for murders they didn’t commit. Nightwing is the only one that believes them and goes against the police and a crime boss to prove his new friend’s innocence.

Art: Marcus To did a great job with the art, the backgrounds and details are wonderful. The coloring had a nice contrast between the neon colors and the dark and it seemed to fit in with the setting. Sometimes though Grayson looked like he was drawn you young, there wasn’t enough detail drawn on his face and he ended up looking like a young teenager instead of the adult he his. Other than that it was visually compelling the art did a wonderful job of telling the story. I loved Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert and Sula Moon’s variant covers.

Characters: Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Superman, Shawn Tsang/Defacer, Gorilla Grimm, Juan-Andres Santos Suarez/ Thrill Devil, Brendon Li/ Giz, Pamela Sweigeld/ Mouse, Randy/ Stallion, The Orca, Detective Svoboda and special appearances by Starfire, Kid Flash, Batgirl, Red Hood, Bruce and Alfred

Review: What I enjoyed most about this was Grayson learning that the world consisted of just more that black and white, the varying shades of gray in between are what most people live in and coming to  Blüdhaven and becoming friends with the Run-offs along with coming to terms with what happened at the start of Rebirth he has learned so much, and had quite a bit of character development. Of course I’m a sucker for romance and I like how Shawn and Grayson started their relationship. Damn you cliffhanger!   

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