Saturday, June 3, 2017

ARC REVIEW Score by Victoria Denault

Score is book one of Victoria Denault's San Francisco Thunder series. Although it is a first book it really felt like this was a spinoff or had a novella before it. The whole backstory of Jude and his best friend and ex-girlfriend was, to me, kind of annoying and made the the whole story predictable. The characters were good, Jude is my favorite kind of reformed manwhore. He started before the beginning of the book and once he saw Zoey again he didn't see anyone else. Zoey is in the midst of a divorce and Jude respects her decision to wait until after the divorce is final. While his initial goal was to finally sleep with Zoey, who is in her own right a reformed bad girl, Jude takes way too long to realize that Zoey is the one. The secondary characters range from I hate them to absolutely hysterical. The second chance story was even though very painfully predictable with how it played out was a good read and had some very naughty sex scenes.

Zoey is trying to put her life together, her soon to be ex-husband blames her for not being able to get pregnant and now she's without a house and even though they agreed that the loser would cover the hotel until after the divorce she is now homeless, carless and credit cardless. She has had it the amicable divorce is quickly growing into a very bitter one. She is trying her hardest to get herself established in her new job but the real estate market is finicky.

Jude still hasn't forgiven Levi for falling in love with his ex-girlfriend, Tessa, and between that and all the late night booty calls he has been getting at his house he's tired of it all. But a stroke of luck happens when he runs into Zoey and she is everything he remembers. Zoey and Jude knew each other when they were teenagers and almost had sex. Jude thinks now is the perfect time to remedy that but is willing to bide his time because he knows it's going to be perfect. Since Zoey is a real estate agent Jude asks her to sell his place and find a new one. It's all fun and games until Zoey discovers something about Jude's past that could have been an easy forgive if he had only just told her in the beginning, but Jude is an oblivious male. Can he fix this and can Zoey forgive him?

Overall, it was a nice read, I do like the sisters and want their stories more than I want the other teammates of Thunder.      

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