Tuesday, June 27, 2017

ARC REVIEW A Stardance Summer by Emily March

Book 13 of Emily March's Eternity Springs series and it is still going strong. The large cast of characters can be off putting because it is very obvious they have past books and if you are like me it will bug you until you find out the full story, lucky me I have read them already. It really is not necessary to read the entire series or in this case both series since this one has characters from both Eternity Springs and the Callahan Brothers/ Brazos Bend series because their stories aren't pertinent to Brick and Lili's story and if it does come up what is needed to know is explained, but it's a nice tease to get you to read the other books. The only really confusing thing (even for me and I've read the books) was explaining the connection between the two series and the history of the Callahan boys, and it got repetitive.

Liliana Howe needed her parents guidance and when they weren't there for her she was to beat to fight she ran away instead. She joined the Tornado Alleycats, an all women's camping club lead by Lili's landlady and good friend. With her career in tatters and nothing to keep her Oklahoma she sells her car and buys a truck and fifth wheel and drives up to Colorado with the Alleycats for the summer to rediscover herself. Brick Callahan wasn't always Brick Callahan, he lost his mother young and was put in a foster home and was later adopted by the Christophers back then he was known as Mark Christopher. That is who Lili knew as a child, her brother's best friend who she had the worst crush on, but he never noticed her as anything but Derek's little sister. Unfortunately Brick had his head stuck up his butt and was completely enthralled with manipulative and two faced girl who later broke his heart. Brick vowed never to fall in love again.

Brick is amazed that this is the same freckled and skinny girl that he grew up with except now she's all curvy and sexy like a pin-up girl. However she makes him feel he's not going to let those sexy freckles deter him from his own rules. Lili on the other hand is in the mood to break some rules and as she's trying to find a new path in life she wants to live it to the fullest and that includes a summer romance with the guy she fell in love with in high school. Lili challenges Brick in every way and everyone but them can see just how perfect they are for each other. It takes not just magic of Eternity Springs and Celeste but everyone in Brick's family and Lili's own guiding angel Patsy to heal and move on for the both of them but is Brick as dense as his nickname implies and and let's Lili to slip between his fingers.

Overall, once again I was up all night reading this book. A lot of little things happen in the book that leads up to the romance and the building of the relationship and it all makes a great story. It's an emotional read with great humor and quirky characters. Dealing with both their insecurities is harder to let go then they anticipated and Lili and Brick both realize too late what happened, but between Celeste and Patsy they are both confident in Brick and Lili's future together, Lili and Brick just have to get to that point too. It is an easy romance to read compared to some of the other books in the series, I loved that the characters even get that and point it out.


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