Thursday, June 22, 2017

ARC REVIEW Toughest Cowboy in Texas by Carolyn Brown

The first of a new series by Carolyn Brown, Happy Texas is a spin off of her Lucky Penny Ranch series which is a spin off of another series, Lucky. It's a typical Carolyn Brown western romance, funny and loveable characters with a heartwarming story and a steamy romance.

Happy, Texas isn't the place where you go to let the past die it's quite the opposite for Lila Harris. When Lila lived in Happy she was known as the wild child, there isn't anything she wouldn't do. She was also secretly dating Brody Dawson; it had to be done in secret because it was very obvious that his mother and grandmother didn't approve of her. It never mattered to them they were young, dumb, and in love until Brody broke her heart. Lila left Happy heart broken and changed she became studious and worked hard to leave the wild child reputation far away from her but Lila goes back to help her mother sell the diner and as soon as she crosses the city limit sign she itching to do something crazy as long as it has nothing to do with Brody.

Brody never left Happy like he was supposed to, he was all set up to go to college but both his father and grandfather died and Brody was left to take care of the ranch and keep the family afloat. Life went on and Brody stayed the same just older and wiser and a lot more cautious. Twelve years down the line Brody is still at the ranch and Lila has come back into town for the summer or less if the diner gets sold sooner. They try to avoid it but all the unresolved things left between them, the sexual charge, and all the people telling them to stay away from each other just pulls them together. The romance is rekindled but Lila still plans on leaving and Brody wouldn't be happy any other place than his ranch can they survive another short lived romance or will they finally burn out the young love or let it grow into something so much more.

Overall, it's another fun and good read from Carolyn Brown. I can't wait for the other books. Brody has a sister with a brood of kids who lost the love of her life overseas and a younger brother and they need HEAs of their own.        

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