Tuesday, June 6, 2017

ARC REVIEW You Will Pay by Lisa Jackson

You Will Pay is a stand alone (as far as I know) book by Lisa Jackson. I'm big on Lisa Jackson, I have read a bunch of her older stuff. You Will Pay reminds me of a couple of things the video game, Until Dawn, and the movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer. (it's way better then the movie but the video game is so good it's hard to compete with it.) The main difference between these two and this book is that revenge is a dish best served cold, very cold, twenty years cold. It is very complicated story that has you guessing and a decent twist at the end, it also kind of dark, I like that. Unfortunately the pacing and character introduction was not to my liking, it was interesting how she did it, it not unusual for LJ to do the flip flopping between past and present, alternating to different POVs in the past to get the different sides of the story, it was nice but there are seven to nine different POVs to keep track of and I just had a hard time getting into the story especially since most of the characters are really annoying.

It starts off with a young woman standing on the edge of a cliff ready to commit suicide, she's a very religious and young with no idea what to do she has her epiphany and chooses not to go through with it, just then someone comes out of the woods and pushes her over. Her body is never found. A day later two more people disappear, many lay the blame of the disappearances at the hands of the convict that escaped and went missing. This all happened on the grounds of a religious summer camp and the three people who went missing were all camp counselors. Twenty years later remains are found on the beach.

Lucas was there that summer, he was a counselor and is the son of the preacher who ran the camp. He dated the first girl who went missing, it was a very bad summer for him and he prefers not to remember it, but he's a sheriff's deputy and with the skeletal remains showing up on the beach he knows it's all going to come up again. Bernadette was also a camp counselor back then and she fell in love with Lucas but after what happened she wanted to put it all behind her and never contacted him again, but now not only is the Sheriff's department asking her to come in for questioning about what happened back then but an independent journalist, who also happened to be one of the kids at the camp that year is also hounding her for questions. Jo-Beth was the self appointed leader of the counselors back then she devised the story everyone would tell, a story she devised to cover her own ass in the prank she played on one of the other counselors, because after all Monica deserved it but then Monica herself went missing. The secrets are all coming out whether people want them to or not and old romances are being revised.

Overall, it was a good read, not my favorite of her but it was a good read. I didn't predict the ending but it wasn't all that surprising.        

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