Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Batman Beyond vol. 1 Escaping the Grave

Batman Beyond vol. 1 Escaping  The Grave

DC Universe Rebirth
Issues: Rebirth and 1-5

By: Dan Jurgens
Art by: Bernard Chang (Artist), Marcelo Maiolo (Colourist), Travis Lanham (Letterer)

Story: Terry McGinnis is back from his own death, or faked death in this case, only to find that part of the city has been overrun by Jokerz, a gang of Joker wannabes who are shaking down the citizens for “protection” money, and rumors that The Joker is alive. To make matters worse the love of his life, Dana Tan who at this point doesn’t even know Terry is still alive has been kidnapped by the mad man behind the Jokerz. Terry is out of practice and the first couple confrontations with the gang end poorly but with the help of Terry’s younger brother Matt, and his best friend Max, Terry just maybe able to pull off a rescue and unravel the Jokerz from the inside out.

Art:  It’s pretty much how I expected it to be dark, futuristic, with accents of neon colors making it look very cyber punk-ish.  The detail work put into is great, the cityscape background was pretty impressive. The second cowl that he donned I didn’t care much for the eye holes were just shaped weird.

Characters: Terry McGinnis/Batman: is the young man that will pick up the mantle of Batman in the future. Bruce Wayne recruited him and trained him to take over. Matt McGinnis: is the younger brother to Terry who has custody of him. He idolizes his big brother and will do anything to help him. Max Gibson: Is the tech guru for the series her friendship with Terry goes way back she is irreplaceable (and in the animated series she was voiced by one of my favorites Cree Summer). Dana Tan: the love interest she was a high school sweethearts and until recently didn’t know Terry was Batman. Jokerz: the crazy money hungry gang who idolizes The Joker. Carter Wilson/Terminal: Former classmate and kind of a bully grows up to be a hopeful supervillain. Commissioner Barbara Gordon, Bruce Wayne, The Joker.

Review: I remember when Batman Beyond first aired on t.v. I loved the concept of it, and then to have it continue after the series ended with the comics was so much better. I love the progression of the story and how Terry just didn’t jump right back in and be all badass, he was out of shape, kind of, and he admitted it and worked around the issue. I also enjoyed how evenly paced the story was with the action and equal amount of intrigue. I always thought Terry was a great replacement for Bruce. Matt is a good comic relief. 

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