Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Line of Duty by Sidney Bristol

The Line of Duty

Sidney Bristol

Good Guys Wear Black #2

Happy Release Day to the fantastic Sidney Bristol. This is the re-release from 2014 originally published by Ellora's Cave. Good Guys Wear Black is a series about the Metro City SWAT. It is an emotional and suspense filled story about second chances. Jake and Nicole Vant have been married for some time now but a miscarriage last year set them back and now their is emotional wall between them. Nicole is lost and feels so alone and Jake acts like the whole thing never happened thinking that leaving his wife some time alone to heal was the best thing. Nicole feels like it's all hopeless and asks for a divorce. For Jake there has been no-one else but Nicole, and he never wants there to be anyone but her. He knew things were bad he just didn't know how to fix them. Nicole moved out and now Jake just has to figure out a way to win her back and fix what went wrong.

Nicole starts to receive gifts shortly after Jake starts his plan to seduce her back. It seems that everytime they get close and start to talk work calls Jake away with some anonymous tip about some illegal drug hideout. But Jake and Nicole start talking and start realizing they can make the marriage work, but just as they think that they are all better Nicole disappears and an old enemy makes demands.

Overall, it was a really good read. It has the Sidney Bristol flavor I know and love. The pacing of the story was really nice, with secondary characters you want to see more of, and it was so emotional and erotic between Jake and Nicole.    


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