Saturday, July 29, 2017

ARC REVIEW Lord of Night by Erica Ridley

Lord of  Night is book three if Erica Ridley's Rogues to Riches series. Lord of Night follows Bow Street Runner Inspector Simon Spaulding and Miss Dahlia Grenville. For being 350 pages it was a quick and easy read. The pacing was smooth it seemed like a much shorter read than it actually is, but it was a really good read.

Dahlia and Simon have a slow but sweet courtship but Dahlia feels guilty because she has been hiding the fact that she is a well bred daughter of a Baron. Simon just thinks she is the headmistress of  a school for orphaned and abandoned girls in St. Giles. Dahlia feels even worse after she finds out that Simon is hunting the Thief of Mayfair. Dahlia is that thief, between the lectures from her mother on finding a husband and quitting this silly hobby and her father's indifference on his daughters Dahlia more than once has stolen a little trinket from some of the wealthy snobs whose collection is purely for the idea of having something that other don't and sold it to a pawn shop and then sends a letter to the owner where they can find their missing item. All of it for the care to her students.

A chance meeting on the streets of St. Giles Dahlia is saving a young girl from a man with nefarious purposes and Simon comes to their aid, from that night on Simon life is different. He stops by the school and visits with the girls even helps them learn how to dance and his attraction to Dahlia grows into love. Dahlia loves Simon with all her heart but she has to many secrets from him and as much as it hurts she can not risk her girls or his job for their love. After meeting Dahlia Simon realizes there are more things to life than just being a runner even coming to terms with his half brother and becoming friends with him. Dahlia has changed his outlook on life, but will all that change after he finds out who she really is?

Overall, this was a good read, I enjoyed the characters and the plot and how it played out. I can't wait for the next one.    

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