Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ARC REVIEW Primrose Lane by Debbie Mason

Book three in Debbie Mason's Harmony Harbor series. Yet another fantastic emotional journey for two people clueless to the fact that they are perfect for each other. Olivia Davenport has left her old life behind, or at least tried. She is now living at Greystone Manor and is the events planner under the name Dana Templeton, her past life one is one she left in pain and didn't want to return to it no matter what until forces beyond her control bring her old life to her. Finn Gallagher is just home to recuperate after being shot while in Africa working with Doctors Without Borders, as a doctor Finn knows an addict when he sees one and he immediately becomes suspicious of Dana. She's obviously hiding from something and he won't stop until he finds out what.

Ever since Olivia buried her son and then her husband she has had problems sleeping and problems with anxiety, she took her prescriptions maybe a little more that recommended but Finn flat out telling her she was abusing it in front of an audience it embarrassed her. It isn't until Finn finds out who she is and what she went through that he realizes just how broken she thinks she is and he feels the need to fix it for her.

Olivia son was dying of cancer and everyone was making her feel guilty for trying everything to cure him. Olivia and her husband were separated, her husband was a doctor working in Africa had an affair and fathered another child shortly after their son died he on his way back to the states and his plane crashed. He died before Olivia could finalize the divorce. Olivia has been hiding from her past life hoping she could get past the pain and move on she thought she was finally doing it when her husband's lawyer calls her and informed her that she has gained custody of her husband's other child, and girl named George; her mother went missing and is presumed dead. After a near breakdown she admits everything to Finn who quickly jumps in to help out. Olivia doesn't want George but takes her in none the less, they drive each other crazy it seems that George listens to everyone but her it's only after they bond over the death of Olivia's son that they find some common ground and finally start to get along.

Finding peace with George isn't the only thing wreaking havoc in Olivia's life right now, after her husband's parents find out about George and know they can hurt Olivia with it they threaten to take George way from her. And there is still someone out to ruin Graystone Manor and this time Olivia gets caught in the crossfire. The romance between Finn and Olivia was a sweet one, he was a bit of an ass at the beginning but soon jumped in to help out. Understanding Olivia was just the start and once he realized he loved her all he had to do was convince her that nothing could come between them.

Overall, it was a eventful book so much happens it makes you laugh and cry and with a touch of suspense at the end this book really has it all, complete with a mischievous ghost and her cat.      

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