Thursday, July 27, 2017

ARC REVIEW Three Weeks with a Princess by Vanessa Kelly

Book two of the Improper Princess series a spin-off the the Renegade Royals series, this series focus' on the illegitimate girls of the Royal Dukes. Lia is the daughter to the Duke of York, her mother an actress and she was raised by her grandmother who was the mistress to the Marquess of Lendale. This was another great improper princess story, Vanessa Kelly is witty and entertaining always able to find ridiculous and hilarious situations for her characters to get into.

Upon the death of the Marquess of Lindale Lia and her grandmother learn that he left nothing but a few paltry items to them in his will. Now Lia worries about what will happen to her grandmother and herself. The have lived in a little house on the estates property for practically all of Lia's life and now Lia knows she's going to have to find something so she can support her grandmother and not have to rely on the charity of the new Marquess.

Jack Easton is the new Marquess of Lendale, and while he has assured Lia and her grandmother a place for as long as they need Lia is realistic she knows that when he marries no proper English Lady is going want a former mistress and a bastard living somewhere on the estate. Jack and Lia have been friends since the first time they met as children and Lia has been in love with him just as long, now with the happy little bubble being popped Lia makes the decision that she must move to London and become an actress like her mother. Lia's mother doesn't want her daughter on stage and both her and grandmother agree that Jack needs to put her under his protection. That's the last thing Lia wants as much as she loves him she can not play second to Jack's wife when he finally decides to marry, but that won't stop her from asking him to help her learn how to flirt and find another lord to become his mistress. It seems that everyone but Jack realizes how much he loves Lia and it isn't until it's almost too late before he realizes he doesn't want some other woman only Lia will make him happy.

Overall, it was a great read. I loved the characters and I love the appearance of the Renegade Royal characters. It was a funny and romantic story I can't wait for the next one.

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