Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Harley's Little Black Book

Harley’s Little Black Book

DC Universe Rebirth

Story by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti

Art by: John Timms, Amanda Conner, Simon Bisley, William Tucci, Joseph Michael Linser, Dave Johnson, Neal Adams, Mauricet, Amanda Conner, Flaviano

Story: This is yet another collection of Harley hijinks. It includes Harley impersonating Wonder Woman, talking to the dead with Zatanna, gaining Lantern powers and fighting the Green Lantern, fighting an epic battle royal with Superman, working the Bombshells to defeat Hitler, and getting lost in space with Lobo. It is 258 pages if Harley being Harley, trying hard to be good but often her actions get misinterpreted.

Art: The art is all on par with what I expect from Amanda Conner, John Timms, and Dave Johnson. Mauricet works the Green Lantern story with John Timms for some pretty impressive Lantern action. Joseph Michael Linser does the art for Dispirited Spirits, a beautiful Zatanna and the eerie supernatural. Billy Tucci shares the Bombshells with Joseph Michael Linser and Flaviano with plenty of that outstanding Bombshell style and double the Harley. No Pain No Sane features the art of Neal Adams it’s a riot of activity and color (Paul Mounts) the amount of detail is impressive. Bare-assed and Belligerent is probably the only one I didn’t like both art and story, I’m just not a fan of Simon Bisley’s art.

Characters: Harley and her Gang, Wonder Woman, Zatanna, The London Legion: Double Decker, Tiffany Terror, Pub Crawler, Big Bad Ben; Green Lantern, A trio of unlucky ghosts and the demon that binds them to Earth, The Bombshells: Batwoman, Amanda Waller, Zatanna, Big Barta, Catwoman, Harley Quinn; Superman, Lois, Jimmy, and an unsuspecting Aliens looking for a fight, and Lobo

Review: Overall it was fun as are most of Harley’s adventures, silly and very, very not politically correct. Lobo’s story was the only one I really didn’t like, but I really don’t care for Lobo anyways.  

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