Thursday, August 31, 2017

ARC REVIEW Hush Money by T. E. Woods

Hush Money is a new series by T. E. Woods. While it does have some of the dark thriller touches that I love in her books this was definitely more of a cozy mystery and a very predictable one I might add.  It was a good read I liked Sydney's character she is loyal to a fault, even when it seems like she is screwing up. Sydney has always known she was adopted and she loves her parents she never really gave her birth parent much of a thought until after one birthday she receives a letter says that she was loved but because of a scandal they had to give her up and with that letter a but load of money, with that money Sydney has started a restaurant called Hush Money and a Cop Bar called 10 10. Sydney also goes to a local Jazz Bar where the owner, Clay, and her have just recently started seeing each other, I don't trust him by the way.

On the night of her grand openning for both places one of her servers doesn't show up and the mayor is found murdered in his home. Sydney has a soft spot for Wanda, "Windy" because despite being completely alone she managed to keep and raise her daughter all by herself. So when Windy is arrested for the murder of the mayor Sydney hires her a lawyer and hires someone to take care of her daughter, Gabby. Sydney's gut feeling is that Windy didn't do it and even though everyone else is telling her she must be wrong Sydney keeps digging deeper and deeper until she paints a target on her own back.

Overall, I think it has great potential as a cozy mystery with the dark thriller touches. But it wasn't what I expected and was a little disappointed with it, I do like Sydney and I am curious enough about her to read any future books.

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