Thursday, August 31, 2017

ARC REVIEW So I Married a Sorcerer by Kerrelyn Sparks

So I Married a Sorcerer is book two in Kerrelyn Sparks' Embraced series. While the first book played out more like an epic fairy tale this one seemed more like a mash-up of Pirate and Medieval Pulp romance, and it was GREAT! It starts off with the pirates and then smoothly transitions into a Medieval type tournament complete with dragons. I think this book can be read as a standalone as all the pertinent information is given. So much happened in the book, I mean it is almost 500 pages, but it keeps you entertained, enthralled, and just completely sucks you into the story. If you've read Kerrelyn Sparks before you know her writing style, and if you enjoy fantasy she has done a wonderful job creating this world, the active setting is wonderfully descriptive it is a seductive and enchanting story.

Brigitta knew something was going to happen and she knew it was going to happen soon, the telling stones told her so. Her adoptive sister the new Queen of Ebton was about to give birth and sent for her sisters but the journey there was interupted by Tourinian Naval ships and then by pirates, at almost the time. Brigitta just learned she is a princess and only one of two children remaining alive after the death of King Garold the other being her bastard, in the figurative and literal sense, brother Gunther. King Gunther sent his best naval officer and a fleet of his naval ships to bring Brigitta back home. The plan is thwarted by the Dread Pirate Roberts, oops I mean The Infamous Pirate Rupert the Wind Sorcerer.

Rupert is the sole heir to the rightful King of Tourin after the massacre that killed all the members of his family he hid and he became old enough he took to the sea and became a pirate. Rubert is one of the Embraced and has the power to control the wind, which give his a huge advantage out on the sea. Rupert isn't just any pirate he only targets Tourinian vessels which contain gold. His plan to to steal as much gold as possible and force an uprising against Gunther. But his plans change when Brigitta comes into his life.

Brigitta and Rupert have been betrothed since Rupert was seven and Brigitta was still an infant but Brigitta has no idea. Rupert has hidden his true identity to protect himself, but Brigitta is smart enough to figure it out for herself. Together they must try and find a way to dethrone Gunther without leading their people into a civil war all the while playing along with Gunther's crazy tournament to win the hand of the Princess scheme and once again trying to find out who the shapeshifter is pretending to be.

Overall, this was a very exciting and romantic adventure.

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