Thursday, August 3, 2017

ARC REVIEW Too Scot to Handle by Grace Burrowes

Too Scot to Handle is book two of the Windham Brides series a spinoff series to Grace Burrowes' Windham Family series. I tell you I was a little intimidated when I opened the book and saw that big family tree, but it is safe to say I read this one just fine without reading the first book or the books in the previous series. The Windham Brides are four sisters, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Megan, and Anwen Windham they are cousins to the Windhams in the other series.

This book was so fun to read, it was well written with the right amount of humor, deception, romance and action. The main characters kind of ease into their romance. Anwen is so concerned with the orphanage she is almost oblivious when Colin starts to show interest. It's an easy romance too, once they share with each other how they feel it's nice because they are both open and honest about everything, not even the vindictive and conniving actions of certain people can change that. Anwen has dedicated herself to the orphanage the House of Urchins. She's trying to find a way to make sure they have enough clothes, food, and coal for the winter months as well as the salary for the headmaster. The older boys are a rambunctious group who have a pivotal part in the main story line. Colin is out of the Army and at times wishes he was back in it, trying to fit in with the London society is very depressing, his so called friends are a bunch of idiots who spend money better than they make it and as much as Colin needs help fitting in his patience only goes so far. Anwen is the only person he's met that has ethics close to his and getting in on the board of directors for the House of Urchins is his way of getting close to her not to mention he agrees with her cause.

Anwen's overprotective family sees what is happening and makes sure they know everything about Colin, even though his brother did just marry Anwen's sister, in the book The Trouble with Dukes. Someone is out to get Colin, to scare him out of London and make a mockery of him, but not even blackmail will work. Colin quickly learns that even though Anwen's family is overprotective they will close ranks and protect what's theres and that now includes him since it's obvious Anwen loves him. But it's not just Colin that's in trouble but the orphanage is in trouble when a great amount of money has gone missing.

Overall, this was a great book, very enjoyable, loved the characters and the protagonist was perfectly hateful.    

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