Thursday, September 7, 2017

ARC REVIEW On the Chase by Katie Ruggle

Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit series book two picks up right where the first one left off. The first couple of chapters following Kaylee and how she ended up needing to go into hiding. Kaylee went from thrift stores to Rodeo Dr. is finally living the life she always dreamed of living as a child with a job she loves and now a Disney Prince perfect boyfriend, until she sees something she's not suppose to and has to go into hiding to save her live. Hugh still recovering from his gunshot wound from the last book is on medical leave and it is driving him crazy with boredom. He starts to get a funny feeling like someone is watching him but before he can talk it over with Theo he meets Grace. Grace is a high school friend of Jules visiting, only Hugh knows that just about everything that comes out of her mouth is lie, and he's determined to find out why.

Kaylee, or Grace as she is now called, hates that this is what has become of her life her college degrees, her job, her nice new clothes are all gone to her and she is now sharing a house with one bathroom with five other people and back to wearing thrift store clothes; but she's alive and she doesn't know who she can trust. Grace not trusting Hugh and vise versa leads them into some kind of silly arguments and with Hugh's sense of humor he can get annoying, but all that just hides the attraction that both of them are trying hard to ignore. But then Hugh's truck blows up and when Hugh and Grace finally do kiss they get shot at. That's when Grace comes clean about who she is and why she's hiding, she's afraid that he found her. Hugh also has problems it's not her they are after a drug lord who runs drugs through the town has put a hit out on Hugh and Grace is just caught in the crossfire. Between Kaylee's issues, the drug lord, and the drug running MC going through town causing problems it is an action filled, romantic, and sometimes funny (because Hugh's humor is meant to annoy and he succeeds) book.

Overall, this was another win for me. I like how Kaylee is making the relationship go at a normal pace. Lexi, Hugh's Belgian Malinois and K-9 partner, has a personality all her own and it was fun to see what mess Jules' twin brothers would get into next. Kaylee does have some personal growth that the kids and Hugh help her with so she's not as shallow at the end of the book. I love Kaylee and Hugh together with his sense of humor she can take it and give back just as hard.  

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