Tuesday, September 5, 2017

ARC REVIEW When a Scoundrel Sins by Anna Harrington

When the Scoundrel Sins is book two in the Capturing the Carlisles series by Anna Harrington. It can be read as a standalone there is no story arc crossover. Yet again we have ourselves a hero who doesn't realize what he's feeling is love, and is too stubborn to give in. Annabelle Green who is also too stubborn for her own good, but it makes for a fun read.

Annabelle Green was the daughter of the housekeeper and loved by her mother employers, Lord and Lady Ainsley, so much that when her mother died they brought her on as a companion, even gave her the opportunity to come out in society. It was hard enough for Anna to get by in society as a companion and the daughter of a servant but when Quinn kissed her and joked about it, she was heart broken she always liked Quinn. In her haste to run away from him she tears her dress and walks into a room with the busy bodies of the ton and thus ended her place and reputation in society. Annabelle never forgave Quinn for his actions but it seems now that she needs him to help her find a husband.

Quinn was a youthful idiot he didn't realize just how bad he screwed up Annabelle's life that night, but ever since that kiss he's never forgotten her. Quinn is tired of living of his family's name he wants something he can call his own. His plans are to go to America and buy out a farmer who wants to retire, but un urgent message has him detour to the Scottish/English border. He really shouldn't go time is of the essence but it's about Annabelle and he can't refuse seeing her one last time. What Quinn finds out about why he was summoned surprises him, Annabelle is an heiress. To protect Annabelle from her imprisoned father, in case he ever got out left the estate she has lived on and taken care of for the last six years as her dowry so that way he couldn't get his hands on it. The only catch is that she has to marry by her twenty-fifth birthday or lose it all. So far the only suitor she has is her misogynist neighbor.

Quinn finally realizes how much he screwed up with her, and even though he now knows how much he cares for her if he married her for her land it still wouldn't be his, Quinn needs Annabelle's solicitor to find a loophole so that she can inherit the estate without being married. Quinn even goes as far as asking his brother to help buy the estate and then lease it to her. Either way he is going to make sure Annabelle keeps the home she loves and he still goes to America; that is until she agrees to marry her nasty neighbor. Quinn can't let that happen. But they are all saved when a huge secret is finally revealed, can Annabelle convince Quinn to stay with her or is his dream in America stronger than his love for her.

Overall, it was a good read. I do hope that Robert's book is next he made a good secondary character. All the characters were great, for the exception for the times Quinn got annoying in his reluctance that had me thinking to myself, Really? Has he matured? but otherwise it was a fun read.      

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