Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ARC REVIEW Dark Horse Comics Aliens: Defiance

Aliens: Defiance

Dark Horse Comics

By: Brian Wood
Art by: Tristan Jones (Illustrations), Massimo Carnevale (Illustrations), Riccardo Burchielli (Illustrations), Dan Jackson (Colorist), Tony Brescini (Illustrator), Nate Piekos (Letterer)

Story: Colonial Marine Zula Hendricks was sent on a mission with a bunch of Wayland-Yultani synthetics. She was just supposed to type in a key to the computer giving over the rights from the abandoned ship over to WY as salvage. What happens next Zula doesn’t remember she was knocked unconscious and when she woke up she was still on board with a handful of the synths remaining. One of the synths in particular is helping her with the designation Davis 01.
Davis tells her what happened something was brought on board and it killed the whole crew and when they boarded the strange aliens started to kill the synths. Davis managed to shoot them all out the airlock along with most of the other synths. Davis further tells her that WY has plans to bring back a specimen so they can weaponize it. Zula understanding what she is hearing also picks up on the fact that Davis has gone against his programming. Davis admits it and again surprised her by saying he has evolved into something better he has taught himself new things and to let WY get its hands on something as dangerous as these creatures would be horrible. After barely surviving the first time Zula agrees with Davis and together they begin to thwart WY at every turn. 

The Aliens are not the only thing Zula is battling right now she has massive spinal damage due to a previous and only mission. Zula is dealing emotionally, psychologically, and physically with the damage and pain she’s going through. Davis and Zula become friends they even pick up a sole survivor at a filling station and continue to do what they think is right but Davis has secrets of his own.

Art: The art was my favorite thing about this but it’s not surprising when you have fantastic artist like Tristan Jones and Massimo Carnevale. The illustrations were just so beautifully detailed and dark, it’s dark and gloomy in that typical Alien style but not so dark you lose the fine details. Massimo’s work on the covers and the chapter breaks is stunning, there is one that I would love to have a print of to hang on my wall.

Overall: I love the Alien franchise, I have loved it since my sister first showed me Alien as a kid in the late 80’s. (Yeah, my mom wouldn’t let me watch horror movies like Halloween or Friday the 13th but she was ok with Alien) I haven’t read as many Alien comics as I would like, aside from Sandman they were one of the first ones I did read when I first got into comics. I think Zula is a perfect fit with the typical type heroine we normally see in these roles. I think I like her even more because she is so broken. I loved the tie in with Alien: Isolation and Amanda Ripley. The story is great it’s so much more than just fighting aliens, there’s great character development and the relationship between Davis and Zula, I like where it’s going. This was a great one I really look forward to the rest of the series.  

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

ARC REVIEW Dangerous in Love by Sidney Bristol

Dangerous In Love

Aegis Group Alpha Team One
book one

Sidney Bristol


He follows orders.

A good SEAL, Shane York values chain of command. Following the rules means staying alive. All of that is wrecked when his team is sent to Jamaica on a hostage rescue. She’s not the mission, but they leave no one behind.

She breaks the rules.

Travel blogger Lacey Miles lives for today. Thanks to her unexpected rescue from certain death, she has a shot at tomorrow. She wants her mercenary captors to pay, and she has the evidence to ensure it—if she lives long enough to deliver it.

Opposites spark an unlikely romance in the heat of danger.

Delivering the intel and keeping the hostages alive becomes priority one for the Aegis Group Alpha Team. The last thing Shane and Lacey have time for is love. As the team races home and bullets fly, rules fall by the wayside and lines begin to blur. With a traitor in their midst, will love be a distraction or a strength?


The first in Sidney Bristol's spinoff series Aegis Group Team One, it follows you guessed it Alpha Team One the best of the best in the Aegis group. Their latest mission is to rescue a newlywed couple who were kidnapped on their honeymoon in Jamaica.  The team rushes in and not only do they find the couple they are looking for but another American woman being held hostage. Their escape off the island is postponed as a tropical storm sets in.

Lacey is a travel blogger and her life is on the body cam she just barely managed to get back before the rescue. Now with everything she recorded about her kidnappers she has enough to put them away for a really long time and also images of the person really behind the newlyweds kidnapping. Lacey also has just painted a target on her back. It's up to Shane and the rest of his team to keep her safe until they can get everything to the FBI.

This opposites attract action packed story is awesome! Sidney's active setting is so great it was like I was right there with them in rainy Jamaica. The character development is pretty good too, both Shane and Lacey  have baggage they need to deal with and being together helps them sort out all the past hurts and creates a strong bond between them. The bad guy you almost want to feel sorry for until he acts like an ass again. 

Overall, I loved this book and I can't wait for more Aegis Alpha Team One hotness. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

ARC REVIEW An Earl By Any Other Name by Lauren Smith

An Earl by Any Other Name is the first book of Lauren Smith's new Sins and Scandals series. It's novella length and insta-lust to love. I know they say never judge a book by it's cover but I assumed (yeah I know) that this was a Regency or Victorian historical romance (strictly judging the dress), nope it's Edwardian early 1910. It really threw me off when they started talking about automobiles. Apparently I don't pay close enough attention to the Italic print at the beginning of a chapter. Normally I don't mind insta-love/lust but in this case Leo just bugged the crap out of me because of it, and then throw in the rushed feel of the book and it's almost like he has no personal growth, he just became more accepting. Ivy was fine she was justified in her worries. I loved his mother I kept picturing Glynis Johns the mom from Mary Poppins. I love the era, and I loved the idea behind the story but I wish it was full novel length, I just wanted to see a little bit more of a change in Leo and the conflict not so rushed.

Leopold Graham inherited the title Earl when his father died in bed with his mistress. Leo having weathered the embarrassment and finding out the money's all gone realizes he has to stop being a rake and be a respectable gentleman and that means finding a respectable wife with money enough to save the family estates. Ivy Leighton has known Leo all her life but after her mother's death a father she never knew existed came and claimed her. Now years later she is a beautiful young lady and once again back in Leo's life, thanks to his mother's meddling. She has manipulated things so Leo and Ivy end up together for the different house party activities. Leo spend most of the book thinking to make Ivy his mistress and marry the bland and dry Lady he picked for his prospective wife. Not to mention Ivy and his mother are part of the suffrage movement and he finds that silly, he thinks women aren't smart enough to make up their own minds about politics. I get most men thought that way back then but Leo was just aggravating.

Overall, it was an okay read, not quite what the blurb promised.    

Friday, August 18, 2017

PRE-ORDER BLITZ Oh Henry by Mimi Jean Pamfilloff

Oh Henry

Ohellno Series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff 
Publication Date: August 25, 2017 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy

From New York Times Bestseller, Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, comes a new Romantic Comedy.

Henry Walton has been called many things throughout his life—fatty, bathtub, tree trunk, moose, walrus, lardo—you name it. But at over six foot five and weighing two hundred and eighty pounds, Henry is now solid muscle and the hottest defensive end in the NFL college draft. This is the moment he’s been waiting for: fame, money, women, and glory. Okay, there’s also a ten-million-dollar contract in it for him.

There’s just one teeny tiny problem: He can’t quite get over being dumped by the coldhearted shrew with thick glasses and a genius IQ he dated for a mere few weeks. Elle.

God, he so hates her and that stupid little squeaky laugh—a laugh that sounds like music to his ears and sweet, sweet victory to his career. Because for those two perfect weeks, his game was perfect. And now that she refuses to talk to him, everything is falling down the crapper.

Call him superstitious, but he’s got to get her back. Even if she’s the last girl he really wants and she hates his guts.

Don't forget book one...

Smart Tass

Ohellno Series by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff 
Publication Date: April 11, 2017 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy

From New York Times Bestseller Mimi Jean Pamfiloff comes SMART TASS, a new Romantic Comedy.

He’s the hot quarterback all the girls want.
She’s the smart girl he loves to pick on.
And now that they’re all grown up, things are about to get geekin’ ugly…

My name is Tass. I’m smart, I’m driven, and I am determined not to let prankster Hunter Johnson continue raining on my parade. When we were little, he’d pull my hair and call me names. When we were teenagers, he’d throw food and tease me for being a flat-chested virgin.

But now that we’ve ended up at the same college, he’s out of his hot head if he thinks he can keep messing with my life. It’s like he’s fixated on me or something. Well, guess what, Mr. Amazefootball? I’m not that geeky little girl anymore and you do not screw with a smart woman.

So what’s my plan?

It’s definitely wild, and he’s about to find out…

About Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of Paranormal and Contemporary Romance. Both traditionally and independently published, Mimi has sold over 800,000 books since publishing her 1st title in 2012, and she plans to spontaneously combust once she hits the one-million mark. Although she obtained her international MBA and worked for over 15 years in the corporate world, she believes that it’s never too late to come out of the romance-closet and follow your dreams. When not screaming at her works in progress, Mimi spends time with her two pirates in training, her loco-for-the-chili-pepper hubby, and rat terriers, Mini & DJ Princess Snowflake, in Arizona. She continues to hope that her books will inspire a leather pants comeback (for men) and that she might make you laugh when you need it most.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

ARC REVIEW Leave the Night On by Laura Trentham

YAY! The Cottonbloom series continues! I'm so happy this series wasn't over with the last book. Book four of Laura Trentham's series starts with a different family arc, The Abbott brothers. Once again we met a family on the Louisiana side of Cottonbloom. The Abbott brothers were raised by their father and their two aunts, their mother having ran off on them when the two youngest, twins, were still little. The boys grew up in their Dad's garage. Abbott Brother's Garage became popular for it's restorations on older model cars and by the time their dad died the boys were all grown up and ready to handle their share of the garage, well except the oldest. Wyatt is one of the twins and he's happiest when he's working on a new project.

From the Mississippi side of the river we met Sutton Mize the judge's daughter and owner of the town's boutique engaged to an up and comer lawyer, Andrew Tarwater. That all changes when Sutton takes Andrew's Camaro to Abbott's to get the interior overhauled and restored as an engagement gift, when she is cleaning out the car she finds a pair of underwear that is not hers and she knows exactly whose they are because she special ordered them for her best friend. Emotionally devastated and betrayed Sutton finds an unlikely friendship with Wyatt who was with her when she found them and since she was just betrayed by her best friend Wyatt was there for her to vent at and talk too. Sutton during her confrontation with the both of them she did something stupid she blurted out that she had been cheating on Andrew with Wyatt. Sutton then talks Wyatt into a fake relationship, she doesn't have to try too hard because Wyatt has had a crush on Sutton for longer than he can remember and he's willing to spend any time with her.

Wyatt falls easily in love with Sutton but he's has a curse hanging over his head, twins run in the family and the twins have never gotten married. So both Sutton and Wyatt are trying to talk themselves out of falling in love with each other; the more time they spend together the more they realize just how perfect they are for each other. But between Wyatt's older brother and Andrew and the fact that they come from different sides of the river Sutton and Wyatt have a lot to overcome before they can get their HEA.

Overall, Loved it! Sutton had more issues than you'd think and she does take advantage a little with Wyatt and Wyatt is full on even if he doesn't realize it at first. Laura Trentham writes great small town romance and I love this divided little town, I can't wait for the other books.  

ARC REVIEW Wolf's Mate by Celia Kyle

First book in Celia Kyle's new series Shifter Rogues, Wolf's Mate is a paranormal romantic suspense. I really liked the premise of the book but I did have some issues with it. It kind of just threw you into the story, the guys a have been a team for a while and you can tell, with how it just throws you in it almost feels like you're missing something in the story. I wasn't as emotionally involved with the characters as I normally like, and it took a while for me to really get a feel for the secondary characters. But by the end of the book enough had happened that I really do want to find out what happens next.

Declan Reed knows his wolf has a dark side, a dangerous side he's given into it and as a way to channel it he joined the Shifter Operation Command, SHOC, a clandestine group that does the dirty work for the shifter's council. The mission they are on now it purely information seeking only to find out if the company, FosCo, has any link to the anti-shifter group, Unified Humanity. Declan gets sidetracked when an accountant doing audits finds something she's not suppose to.

Abby Carter's accountant company was hired to do the audits for a big corporation, while she was there she dug where she wasn't suppose to and found evidence that FosCo is financially supporting the anti-shifter organization that she suspects murdered her family. Working quickly she manages to copy everything onto her tablet before the FosCo president and his UH armed thugs find her and try to kill her, luckily before they can do any real damage another guy shows up and rescues her. Abby in a panic of not knowing who she can trust runs for it but not before getting shot. Declan catches up with her finally but not before she hides the tablet.  

Abby is in a shit load of trouble now not only because the UH is after her but now the head of SHOC wants her in his custody to question her about what she knows and if she's involved. Declan knows what than means and it's nothing good so he goes AWOL and takes her with him. Everything about Abby calls to Declan, he needs to protect her at all costs even if it means doing it alone, lucky for him his team agrees with him that the director of SHOC doesn't need Abby just her tablet. But nothing is what it seems and sometimes you shouldn't trust the person closest to you.

Overall, by the end the book really had me into it, aside from one or two slow parts and it being a little predictable it was an exciting book.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

ARC REVIEW Need You by Stacy Finz

Need You is the first book of Stacy Finz's new series The Garner Brothers. It's in the same universe a her Nugget California series, where this takes place is Glory Junction and it's the tourist town that is just a stone's throw away from Nugget. I love this series already. The Garner brother's are all just... man, I am looking forward to each of their books.

Colt Garner is the Sheriff of Glory Junction, his parents helped put glory Junction on the map with their Outdoors Adventure company. They offer group trips that go hiking, white water rafting, skiing, and a multitude of things that you could do outdoors. Colt fills in when needed but he wants to concentrate on being Sheriff  especially since the new mayor is not a fan of Colt's and is trying to undermine everything. But aside from the idiot mayor and trying to move past his ex-fiancee everything is fine or it would be if his big city neighbor would stop parking in his spot.

Delaney Scott moved into her Glory Junction home after the bitter divorce to her business manager, who not only got half the company in the divorce but also her name. The Delaney Scott brand was her's and while she admits she didn't pay as much attention to the business side as she should have it's her creative genius that made the brand famous. Now she has to start all over, if only she can create something new. Delaney hit a slump she hasn't been able to design anything since the divorce and if she wants to start over she needs something spectacular. What she finds is the stubborn sheriff who provides a fresh new perspective and a muse.

Delaney and Colt make a cute couple it's a shame it took them so long to figure it out. Once they get past arguing over parking spots and they become friends who finally give into the sexual tension that's been building every time they are together. The build up of their relationship was really nice and really cute. They both have things going on in their lives and they help each other out when and where they can and work to get past the baggage that they carry.

Overall, I really liked it. I love Stacy Finz's writing style and she's has such a way with small town romances.