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ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth: Batman/The Flash The Button Deluxe Edition

Batman/The Flash
The Button Deluxe Edition

DC Universe Rebirth
Issues: Batman 21-22 The Flash 21-22

Story: Tom King and Joshua Williamson
Art: Howard Porter and Jason Fabok

Story: Batman finds a strange blood stained smiley face button in the batcave. All of his analysis leads him to believe that it's not from this dimension. When a strange spark causes him to see his father he knows only one person can help The Flash. But an instant later the impossible happens The Reverse Flash appears beats up Batman, then when he discovers the button a split second later he dies. Flash arrives to find a beaten up Batman next to the charred corpse of The Reverse Flash. After Batman fills Barry in on what happened Barry wonders if the Flashpoint timeline didn't disappear like it was supposed to and together they decide it's worth a try. Batman and The Flash "travel" to the Flashpoint universe where Bruce Wayne comes face to face with his father. awwwwww. But Batman and Flash need to keep going to get to the bottom of this and find out who is responsible.

Jason Fabok does the pencils and inks for pt.1 and 3 with Brad Anderson on colors and all four covers. Howard Porter's art on pt. 2 and 4 with Hi-Fi on colors. I liked the art in a whole you can definitely see the differences between the two when they are next to each other but side by side with almost the same image and you can see it. Overall I think I prefer Jason Fabok I just like his lines better, but all in all I loved the all the art.


Review: I know there are a lot of mixed reviews but I enjoyed this one. I liked the touch on Flashpoint and even bring in Garrett for the short amount of time that he was there. I hope Reverse Flash stays dead this time. I really do like that it appears to be DC's solution to fixing things, going back to before the Flashpoint paradox screw up and going more traditional. I am enjoying Rebirth and this tease for what's to come was great because now I'm on pins and needles waiting for what's next. As the crossover that leads up to the big event and as the tagline says the road to the Doomsday Clock starts here. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Halloween Reading Recommendations

All this week I will posting books for to help you get into the Halloween spirit, or just help you find book that will creep you out and keep you up.

Normally I don't do recommendations often, but I figure for Halloween it's okay.

One book in particular I love, it's a great Halloween read. The Gingerbread Man by Maggie Shayne. A hair raising thriller that kept me wanting for more, I didn't want to put this book down. Although I did guess one element at about half way through, other than that I loved this book. The characters have troubled pasts in one way or another, an internal struggle they must deal with at the same time fight the attraction toward each other and finding the serial kidnapper/pedophile/rapist before he strikes again. And it all takes place during Halloween.

Books that are scary but not Halloween

I've always been partial to Clive Barker. Cabal and the Hellbound Heart are two of my favorites but also The Books of Blood series. There are six book in the series and each book contains a collection of the macabre that only Clive Barker could do. Yes those are my books and yes I'm missing the sixth book.

Next up on my list is William Todd Rose's Realms of the Dead, it's two connected novellas.
For me everyday day is a good day for a damn good horror novel. I had no idea what to expect from William Todd Rose, I have never read him before. I love horror but I'm picky about who I read, but the synopsis intrigued me. This book was creepy in all the right ways. It kept me engulfed in the story and the characters. Once I picked it up I couldn't put it down. I liked the science fiction/ metaphysical aspect and it blended in nicely with the gruesome games of a tormented mind. The synopsis likened William Todd Rose to King and Koontz, but I would be more willing to group him with Clive Barker. I really enjoyed this. Crossfades is more the sci-fi horror while Bleedovers is more paranormal. I liked how this was two separate novellas, even though it could have worked as a full length novel, it cut down on unnecessary filler

I newly discovered Abbie Roads. She has three books out right now and each othe them are a dark romantic suspense. Her books are dark and twisted and sexy as hell, it really satisfies my horror and romance needs. The Fatal Dreams duo also has a dark fairytale/folklore feel to it. 

For kids, always the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series the illustrations alone can give you nightmares. For beginner readers one of my favorites growing up was one called Four on the Shore by Edward Marshall. It is a fun little book about four friends telling scary stories to each other.

ARC REVIEW Halloween Carnival Vol 5

All this week I will posting books for to help you get into the Halloween spirit, or just help you find book that will creep you out and keep you up.

DEVIL’S NIGHT by Richard Chizmar
"You’ve read about what happened that night. What you don’t know is the true extent of the damage. The papers got it wrong—and the truth is so much worse than you thought." blurb

This was a pretty good story. It was weird and a little predictable but I like the way the story played out.

THE LAST DARE by Lisa Tuttle
"Elaine hasn’t been back to her hometown in years. The house she lived in is gone. The tower house isn’t—nor are the stories of the fate that befalls whoever dares to go there." blurb

This is probably my favorite in this volume. It's creepy, creepy is good I like creepy. The menacing tower house, a ghost story, and lost memories it's a great Halloween read.

THE HALLOWEEN BLEED by Norman Prentiss
"What if Halloween... bleeds into other days? It doesn't matter when the story was written, or when you read it. What matters is that it has an effect on you. It's casts a spell." from the uncorrected proof.

It's a strange and unusual story, it makes you think and then creeps you out and leaves you questioning, "what just happened?" 

SWING by Kevin Quigley
"In Hollywood, everyone lives forever. At least that’s what I used to think . . . before Jessica. But no one seems to live long when they’re around me." burb

Yeah it was weird and creepy but the story did nothing for me.

PORK PIE HAT by Peter Straub
"When it comes to jazz, there are players, and there are legends. “Hat” was a legend. His real name didn’t even matter. Still, he had his secrets—secrets best left buried in the past." blurb

It was long and took forever to get to the point and it wasn't even that scary.

Halloween FB Mega Hop: PNR/UF Halloween Giveaway

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Halloween FB Mega Hop: PNR/UF Halloween Giveaway: PARANORMAL ROMANCE

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ARC REVIEW Halloween Carnival Vol 4

All this week I will posting books for to help you get into the Halloween spirit, or just help you find book that will creep you out and keep you up.

"For some, office parties are the highlight of the season. For others, they can paralyze with dread. Theo is determined not to let his anxiety stop him from attending—though maybe he’s right to be afraid." blurb

I hated this one. It was mean and sad and it's the kind of story a bully would tell because he thought it was funny. It's not. There was absolutely nothing wrong with how the author wrote it he has a great style but just the content alone was just mean.

"The candy’s always better on the other side of town, even if it means crossing paths with bullies. But a rich house with an unlocked door might just be too good to be true. . . ." blurb

Once again bullies. This book left me with the distinct feeling of WTF was that. 

"Every town has one: a house or a field or an old tree that just gives off a bad vibe. Of course, those feelings are just silly superstition, nothing to take seriously. Right?" blurb

Entertaining and fun, there is always that one tree that creeps you out and in this case they have reason to be.

PUMPKIN EATER by C. A. Suleiman
Peter loves Halloween, pie as long as it's dutch apple, and pumpkins. His hobby of building concrete pumpkins started years ago and gradually they have increased in size. Lucky for him this years are bound to be the biggest, big enough even for his lying cheating wife.

Peter, Peter pumpkin eater, had a wife and couldn't keep her. My favorite out this anthology. It was dark and twisted and a great ending

WHEN THE LEAVES FALL by Paul Melniczek
"Haverville always seemed like a typical town to me: a place where people work hard, and no one ever really leaves. Until the night I went to Graver’s Farm—and discovered what Haverville was really hiding." blurb

This is definitely the longest one in here starting just before 50%. It was just ok, there were things I liked about and other things that fell flat. I liked the concept of it but the execution didn't work for me. It had such a exciting build up toward the end but an almost anti-climatic ending.

Overall, my least favorite volume.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth: Red Hood and the Outlaws vol 2 Who is Artemis?

Red Hood

and the Outlaws

vol 2 

Who is Artemis?

DC Universe Rebirth 
issues #7-12
Story by: Scott Lobdell
Art by Dexter Soy, Kenneth Rocafort, Mirko Colak, Tom Derenick, Nicola Scott, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Veronica Gandini (colorist), Dan Brown (colorist)

Story: Before it gets into Artemis' story the first issues explains a little bit more about Bizzaro and where he came from. It also explains that at some point in time they may be forced to deal with him, permanently but this is not that time.
Artemis is looking for a weapon that was gifted to her people from the Gods, and if the right person uses it it is a weapon of mass destruction. It was in Gotham at one point but now it's back to where it all started, and not just for Artemis but for Jason too. They find out it is back in Quarac, the place where Artemis' home is hidden from the world and the place where The Joker killed Jason. Their plane is shot down by the Quarac military and the three of them are separated. Jason is taken by the military, Bizzarro lands in a civilian area and they ask him for help; while Artemis lands at home and is faced with the embodiment of her guilt. Jason hears one story and Artemis hears another which side is right and will Artemis be able to stand up and do the right thing?

Art: Mirko Colak does issue 7 and I really like it except for the eyes, the eyes all look small and beady. Kenneth Rocafort draws the prologue wonderfully, great action and attention to detail. Dexter Soy takes over for the rest of the volume and does a fantastic job at it. Some brilliant coloring by Veronica Gandini and Dan Brown.

Characters: Red Hood and the Outlaws consist of Jason Todd who was once a Robin, but was brutally murdered by The Joker and brought back to life by the Lazarus Pit and is now Red Hood. Artemis is an Amazon much like Wonder Woman except years ago a small fraction of the Amazons left Themyscira and found another pantheon to shelter them. And Bizarro a Superman clone gone wrong, the only surviving clone from that failed experiment.

Review: It's Jason Todd so I'm pretty much going to love it. He is one of my favorite characters from the Batman series, I love guys with tortured pasts and who are kinda assholes. The overall story was downright good. It was captivating and entertaining. It shows real character development for Jason and Artemis. It was a great story I couldn't put it down.        

ARC REVIEW Halloween Carnival Vol 3

All this week I will posting books for to help you get into the Halloween spirit, or just help you find book that will creep you out and keep you up.

THE WAY LOST by Kelley Armstrong
"The kids in Franklin don’t ask questions. Each Halloween, one of them disappears into the forest. Dale promised his mother he’d never go into the woods alone. But the kids in Franklin also lie."

I'm leaving the blurb as the descriptive because it just so creepy. I haven't read Kelley Armstrong in what seems like forever, I loved her Otherworld series and I love her writing style and this short story is well damn, I wasn't expecting that. It was a really good story with an unexpected ending.

LA CALAVERA by Kate Maruyama
A Calavera is the representation of a human skull, for Dia de los Muertos it is often used as an offering for the dead. Trish was just another gringa until Jasmine, and now that Jasmine is gone Trish wants to honor her with a special Calavera.

Really predictable but I positively enjoyed it nonetheless.

THE DEVIL’S DUE by Michael McBride
Pine Springs, Colorado, has never wanted for anything. It's always been prosperous and never any crimes or drug problems. The reason why is just as evil as you might imagine, and this year one family isn't willing to pay the devil his due.

A genuinely good scary monster horror short story. After the start it was kind of slow but it escalated pretty quickly and ended bittersweetly.  

"Samhainophobia: an irrational fear of Halloween. Phasmophobia: an irrational fear of ghosts. For Anne, these terrors are more rational than she knows." blurb. Newly married Anne has not told her husband about her phobias yet, she's scared that he will leave once he finds out but with Halloween getting closer and her phobias getting worse she confides in him. But this is not a happily ever after romance no, this is a horror.

Well I didn't see that coming, just when I started to get disapointed in the story I had a, "oo what a twist" moment. It has an ending that kind of makes you want to do a maniacal laugh at the end.

Gerald is a crotchety old man on death's bed, he did nothing with his life and never left home and ever since he was diagnosed with emphysema every Halloween is tormented by his past. 

I liked this one but not as much as the others and it's mainly Kelli's fault she was annoying AF.

Overall, this is my favorite book out of the series.