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The main thing in my life are my kids. The little hellions keep me busy. My husband is like a child so he is included in that category. Secondly is a tie between my sewing and reading books. I love to sew; I am always making something for my daughter, or some other little craft. When I am not sewing I have my nose stuck in a book. I love to read. I love romance novels, trashy or sweet. I love suspense, bite your nails, looking over your shoulder suspenseful stories. I am always looking for deals about free books or cheap books and I love giveaways. I read so much which is why I review. I am just one voice of many to speak my mind about the books I read and love. Usually when people tell me you have to read this book, I avoid it. So instead of telling you that you need to read it (unless I really loved the book and want to share it's awesomeness) I just give you my in a nutshell summary and some thoughts and let you decide on your own. New to my blog is Graphic Novels/ Comic books, I'm a newb when it comes to this but I really do love reading them and I hope to continue to be able to review them.

As a reviewer I mostly receive my ARCs courtesy of Netgalley.com and Edelweiss.com. I will give an honest review for every book, however if it is bad the review will only be posted on Amazon and Goodreads not my blog. I also get ARCs from publishers, normally I will tag the publisher, I try to remember anyways. If I purchase a book, for free discounted or full price and I dislike it I won't review it here, but I will on Goodreads and Amazon.

**As a reviewer keep in mind that my voice is just one of thousands and not everyone has the same tastes. My preferences may differ from yours and if I do put up a bad review please remember it's just my opinion. I try never to defame or insult the author it's not their fault I didn't like their book.

As host to this page I stick to the rule K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I try not to have my post overly busy, the layout is straightforward (well at least to me). Sometimes when participating in blitz and such and I use the html given to me and it is not to my tastes I change it so it suits my style or my idea for how I think it should look. So no really fancy stuff.

I also review occasionally on "Ramblings From This Chick" http://ramblingsfromthischick.blogspot.com check it out.

I am part of several Street Teams I love the authors I love and will share in their awesomeness. Eloisa James: Eloisa's Ambassadors; Jennifer Probst: Probst Posse; Mimi Jean Pamfiloff: Team Minky; Rebecca Zanetti: Rebecca's Rebels; Erica Ridley's Review Crew. I am also part of Kensington's klovers review crew

Another aspect of my life is that I want to write books. And one of these days I will bravely ignore my inner doubter and publish on Smashwords the one finished story I have.

What you may see on my blog:

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