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Here are some of my older reviews from when I started reviewing back in 2013 to the beginning of 2014 

Homecoming Ranch By Julia London A struggling real estate agent, Madeline Pruett, discovers that a father she never knew has died and left in his will that she inherits the Homecoming Ranch to share along with two sisters she never even knew existed. Don't be confused that this is a heartwarming coming together story about three sisters getting to know one another and a Father they never really knew. Nope they are nothing alike and to stubborn to give an inch all wanting different things. Emma sleek beautiful California girl who doesn't want to be their and can be a down right Bitch (which really make me look forward to her book coming up in the future). Libby the hometown girl that everyone likes who wants to keep the Ranch and run it as a gathering for family reunions and weddings and such. Madeline is the take charge type OCD in some respect blame it all on her mother a wild and free type and Madeline is determined not to end up like her. Madeline as a real estate agent wants to sell the property. But their is a small hiccup, Their Father may have owned the Homecoming Ranch but it wasn't his to give away. The ranch belonged to the Kendrick Family and has for generations. A Gentleman's deal was made between Kendrick and Grant Talyor that he would buy the ranch from Kendrick and when the money was earned back he could buy it back for the same amount, only Grant died before the debt could be paid. And Grant in all his wisdom finally gained a conscience about his kids and left them a ranch he had no business leaving them. Enter Luke the eldest of the Kendrick boys, the family's savior, who put off school multiple time to save his family when ever they were in need. Only now with his family home gone he puts off his life once again to try and gain back his family legacy only to fall head over heals in love with Madeline along the way. Madeline tries so hard to keep everything so organized and neat and uncomplicated is confused about Luke from the start but with him discovers it's ok to let loose and to go with the flow sometimes. But it's not all gumdrops an rainbows their are trust issues to over come on both their parts. The first person point of view parts of the story are in the POV of Luke's younger brother Leo, they are entertaining sections that sound like he's talking right to you telling you the story as if you were in a conversation with him. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I read it straight through I couldn't put it down, twelve straight hours I was up all night. The sisters I do believe will end up with a sort of heart warming ending their are still two more books to come for Libby and Emma and I am really looking forward to them. 4 stars.

Bombshell  By Catherine Coulter

Catherine Coulter's BOMBSHELL is book 17 in her FBI Thriller series, released in early July this newest installment of the Savich and Sherlock series lives up to the rest of the books. It starts off back in Maestro, Virginia where Delsey Freestone has had a little too much to drink at Professor Salazar's house party but she makes it home safely only to find a dead body in her shower and then gets bonked on the head and falls unconscious... naked. Lucky for her, her brother is Griffin Hammersmith (who made his first appearance in Backfire the previous book in the series) is on his way to his new assignment in D.C. working under Savich in his Criminal Apprehension Unit. Griffin is driving cross country visiting family and friends before he starts. But before he starts he gets a call from Ruth Noble ( Point Blank book 10) a fellow Special Agent in the CAU calls to notify him that their is something of a mystery going on in Maestro. Ruth fills him in only to find out it's the Trouble Magnet herself, his kid sister, Delsey. Thankfully he isn't to far away and makes it in no time. The main story line follows Griffin and Anna, Delsey's best friends, is a conundrum until they find the dead body who's fingerprints are classified under DEA authority. Griffin with his keen, almost psychic like ability soon discovers the truth of the dead body and the waitress everyone loves, Anna, confirms it all and gets Ruth and Dix to help her and Griffin solve the murder and just why Desley was targeted. But after an attempt on Delsey's life Griffin sends her up to D.C. under the protection of Savich and Sherlock.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C. Savich is called out in the early morning hours to the Lincoln Memorial for a perplexing murder case. The body of a young man found at the feet of Lincoln with every single bone in his body broken. The young man is soon identified as the only Grandson to former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, a man many people hate. It seems like it is a hate crime against the grandfather, until the young man's two closest friends are found dead as well, one by suicide and the other murdered. Both also from predominate wealthy families in D.C. Is this just malicious intent or something more sinister?   The revisit to Maestro with Ruth and Dix was a lovely touch. I love series which always touch back with former characters. This was a great read, like her other FBI thriller it really sucks you in. It starts off a little slow and with two storylines frustrating at times because it can leave you hanging from one storyline to the next but it was enjoyable all around. My favorites still are some of the earlier ones but this one is definitely worthy of being in the series.

The Deadly Series Boxed Set! 
The Kinncaid Family is a very successful family dealing in hotels and resorts for the rich and famous. Jock and Kaitlyn instilled a strong family values and with the family motto being This I'll defend a strong need to protect those that they consider to be theirs. The five boys grew up strong willed, handsome, and successful in their own ways. But one problem the family is cursed, nobody thought to much of it, it was a joke until Aiden the eldest fell in love.
Book One: Deadly Shadows. It is a thrilling and emotional story and I was hooked right off the back. Already a broken person after dealing with the senseless deaths of her husband and two children Jesslyn Black didn't think she could be anymore numb then she already is. Then her best friend is murdered and she knows it's more then just an interrupted B and E. Aiden Kinncaid is a workaholic but he still wants a separate place to stay away from work as he oversees the opening of the new hotel. He rents Jess' house only to show up the same night a killer brutally attacks and kills a local woman. A glimmer of attraction sparks between Jess and Aiden and suddenly something is more important than work for Aiden and Jess can smile and laugh now more easily than she use to. Jess is now in the killers sights he won't give up 'till he has her but Aiden isn't going to give up that easily he vows This I'll defend.
Book Two: Deadly Ties. If the first book was an emotional thriller this one is ten fold. A nail biting thriller that has you holding your breathe at the climax of the story. Taylor Reese is all about her son and her job. As a social worker she sees a lot of horrible things but when she saw Ryan and how his mother abused him she knew she had to protect him at all cost. Gaining custody of Ryan from his mother was easy enough but keeping her away from him is another matter. Dr. Gavin Kinncaid is the butt of his family's jokes always the ladies man, a different woman every night; the truth is he is way to busy delivering babies to date seriously and isn't looking for commitment until he meets a certain case worker with a sharp tongue and gorgeous eyes. Ryan can see things and he knows his evil mother is on her way to get him back, and knowing her it won't be pretty when she finally gets him back. Nina is pissed and it's only a matter of time before she can escape and take back what is hers and no one is going to stop her, she also plans a little revenge against those who took her son away from her. Gavin has never felt this way for anyone before and no one will take those that he has taken into his family, for Taylor and Ryan he vows This I'll defend.
Book Three: Deadly Obsession. And they just keep getting better, with each book the emotional roller coaster becomes more intense and heart pounding then the last. Christian Bills has been part of the Kinncaid family since she first showed up on their doorstep eight years ago, she has also been in love with Brayden for most of that time. But when something finally happens between them Bray backs out and wants to forget it happened and Christian feels that maybe she should move on too. She moves out of the house and gets her own condo soon she receives an envelope with pictures of her inside, He found her. Brayden Kinncaid is to scared to admit he loves Christian and after she moves out he starts thinking letting her go was a mistake especially since he notices her loosing unnecessary weight and comes to work with dark circles under her eyes. Christian is being stocked and Brayden is pissed she didn't tell him sooner especially after she was attacked in her own home and it seems that Christian knows her attacker. Brayden isn't scared to admit her loves her anymore and he vows This I'll defend.
Book Four: Deadly Games. A fast paced, action packed story my favorite of the five. Ian Kinncaid was disowned from his family and despite his interventions in his brother's troubles has had no contact with his family for years and he is getting tires of his undercover work and when this last case is done he wants out. Rori Maitland is tired of her life also and is ready to quit the hired mercenary business but one last email about a job just doesn't sound right to her. Ian is at the end of his case when a child pornography ring is uncovered and he finds a little girl in the mist of it all. Unharmed but severely traumatized Ian takes her under his care with the help of Rori. With all his other covers blown he uses Rori and the little girl he names Darya as his cover and with no where else to turn to he returns home to his family only he bring with him the danger of a vengeful woman who attacks by way of his youngest brother. Posing as Ian wife is no problem for Rori since the attraction between them is undeniable but can she let go of her past and let herself belong to this large and caring family? With his family in danger now along with Rori and Darya, Ian vows This I'll defend.
Book Five: Deadly Secrets. I couldn't put it down it is an emotional, heart wrenching thriller that will bring you to tears. The only thing I didn't like about this book is that it jumps from past to present to much. Ella Ferguson loves Quinnlan Kinncaid so much she leaves him before he can break her heart only thing is Quinn loves her just as much. Quinn marries Ella on a drunken trip to Vegas after only meeting her two days ago in New Orleans and he doesn't regret it one bit. Ella so scared of having her heart broken again accepts a job in New Mexico and leaves Quinn, three months later she finds herself pregnant and even more scared to call him. Finally after months of waiting Quinn finally gets a call from Ella. She is scared to death and she's eight months pregnant. She keeps saying someone is going to take her baby away. Quinn rushes to New Mexico only it's to late Ella is in the hospital and their daughter is missing. With then help of Ian they are trying to track down where their missing daughter is and together Quinn and Ella both vow This We'll defend.
There is so much more to this series than I wrote Ian shows up in everyone story and helps in some way even before his own book. The parents Jock and Kaitlyn are sturdy figureheads in all the stories and Brayden's eight year old daughter is one of the main character in Deadly Ties. This truly is a great series.

Lost in a Royal Kiss By Vanessa Kelly A prequel to Vanessa Kelly's new series The Renegade Royals A delightful story to kick start this new historical series. A sinful seduction and horrible non proposal, a pregnancy, and an attempted runaway marriage. this novella has it all. I look forward to the upcoming books if this is any indication of what they will be like. Linnet St. Claire is determined to stay a spinster, she must stay at home to take care of her two siblings. She is a devoted and loyal woman who has taken in an orphan and taken him under her care. But now he is in trouble and she can only think of one person to fix it. Sir Anthony Tait has watched Linnet and is determined to make her his wife. When she shows up on his door step with young Dominic in tow he knows know is his time to act. The youngest Prince and taken advantage of the Royal tutor's young daughter, and Dominic took it upon himself to avenge her by beating the prince up. Linnet managed to stop them from fighting and keeps a lid on the rap of poor Chloe. Sir Anthony takes in Dominic and promises to take care of him. All the wile Sir Anthony is trying to convince Linnet she needs to marry him. Book One: Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard will be out in January, I will be reviewing this one (YES!) Book Two: Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom will be out in April 2014 Book Three and Four yet to be named are set for release later in 2014 Also if you get the chance I recommend A Grosvenor Square Christmas. It is Four short stories by Vanessa Kelly, Shana Galen, Anna Campbell, Kate Noble. It is a delightful Christmas romance times four.

One Taste of Scandal by Heather Hiestand Book Two in the Redcakes series. A nicely written romance about a man shunning his family title he believes he doesn't deserve and a woman whose family lives in scandal but is free of any scandal herself finding a way to love. I don't think I could name this one of my favorites but it was a very enjoyable read. It had me crying at all the appropriate places. Reminded me of Pride and Prejudice at one point. Captain Judah Shield is freshly back from India, a summons to come home from his Mother on her death bed and a confession the he is not his father's rightful son, but not naming the right full father. Captain Judah feels he is not worthy of the family title and with the opportunity to manage his sister-in-laws shop Redcakes, he jumps at the chance to start anew. Magdalene Cross is one of the Scandalous Cross'. He family has wrong the Hatbrook family (in what way I don't know it was in the first book and they never really talk about it just around it, it includes a seduced unmarried sister and two members of the Cross Family kind of involved, not even Judah knows what really happened, which I found amusing.) On the search for his real father Judah befriends Magdalene, and with her sister on her death bed and two nephews to help take care of Judah offers Magdalene a job decorating cakes at Redcakes. Judah can't help but feel a strong attraction to Magdalene despite disapproval from his brother and sister-in-law because of her family name. But love can not be stopped between a death in the family, sickness, an almost riot, jealous co-workers Judah has proven time and again he won't stop until Magdalene is his. Despite having issues with my copy of the ARC from Netgalley I really did enjoy this story.

Mistress of the Solstice: By Anna Kashina Russian Fairy Tale with a Twist
A remarkable story full of traditional fairy tale elements, dark, sensual and sometimes disturbing. Combining Baba Yaga, Leshy, Vodyanoi, and the ancient Primal deities in this not so typical Hero must complete his quest to save the maiden, free the most beautiful woman in the world, and destroy the evil Tzar who consumes the souls of young virgins to live immortally story. A beautifully written story that sucks you in to a Russian fairy tale world.
Marya was raised not to have emotions because as the high priestess she could not taint her magic with useless emotions like love trained since the young age of thirteen not to love by her psychotic father killing her first lovers. Marya has only her hand maiden and Raven a talking bird to keep her company no matter how she secretly longs to feel emotion. She starts having strange dreams that tie in to the past, her past, about seduction and love, but she keeps them to herself unsure of what they are. Her father the Tzar Kashchey the Immortal or "The Undead" as the villagers call him, uses his daughter to help sacrifice young maidens to prolong his life and increase is own power to help protect the crops and villagers. But every year Kashchey grows more powerful and widens his domain demanding tribute or all the kingdom will suffer. It is told in prophecy that one baring the birthmark of an arrow will destroy Kashchey.
Ivan was called a Fool, his older brother continually caused him grief and made him appear to be a fool so their Father would loose faith and love for Ivan. But on his journey to find a quest his brother sends out assassins to kill Ivan. Ivan is saved by a giant wolf the Primal Deity, Grey Wolf. Wolf Takes Ivan to an herb man who brings Ivan back from the brink of death. Wolf is certain Ivan is the one to full fill the prophecy, with a birthmark of an arrow on his chest. Ivan continually astounds Wolf and the other legendary characters of Russian mythology with his foolish but intelligent actions as he solves the three riddles of Leshy, withstand the lure of the Telltale Cat Bayun. Befriend Baba Yaga. He passes the trials and traps outside the tall tower that hold the most beautiful woman in the world, Marya the Head Priestess.
Marya is more beautiful then Ivan ever imagined and even with her distant unfeeling attitude he believes in fate and destiny and in order to help his quest of fulfilling the prophecy asks for her hand in marriage. Marya even feeling an attraction she shouldn't feel to Ivan she as always issues a challenge one she knows no one could every finish. But little does she know how determined Ivan is. With the Winter Solstice and the ritual sacrifice growing closer time is running out for Ivan to fulfill the prophecy and the challenge Marya has set to him.
Truths come out, challenges issued and accepted, enchanted mirrors, magical hidden streams that can only be reveled by a song, and some truly hard riddles are just some of the things that make this book so well worth the read. It ended and I wanted more. It was like reading a children's fairy tale written for adults.

 Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard: By Vanessa Kelly Book One of The Renegade Royals Series
I loved this book! Don't worry if you haven't read the novella Lost in his Royal Kiss it really doesn't matter it's just back round on the ever present character Dominic but it is a good novella so I suggest you read it anyways. Dominic having grown up know is in charge a spy network against the French, he recruited several by blows of the Royal family, Cousins Aden and Griffin are the ones we know of now (but with as many kids they had that were unclaimed who knows just how long Mrs. Kelly can draw this out).
This first story is about Aden St. George, the youngest son of Lady Thornbury and the by blow of the Prince Regent. Aden has just returned from France after a particularly difficult case when he gets recruited into a rescue mission. Vivien is the bell of the ball everyone likes her and despite her getting close to the age of spinsterhood and being put on the shelf she doesn't want to marry. Vivien is happy as she is with her friends, family, and admirers', she is loyal and devoted to her family. But right now she needs to be rescued she was kidnapped right out of her own family carriage and taken to some smuggler caves, lucky enough she has only been rough handled and mistreated and not raped. St. George is not who expects when her comes to her rescue. This large gorgeous man who claims to be a Royal Guard is all business like but her reaction to him and his to her is anything but.
After her neatly covered up disappearance with the help of Lady Thornbury, Lady Vivien reenters society but she still isn't in the clear aside from being on the watch of future abductions until Aden and Sir Dominic can reveal the culprit, she has to raise money to cover her younger brothers gamboling debt and her mother debt also all the while trying to avoid and dissuade the horrid Russian Prince Ivan from his obsession with making her his wife, not like her older brother the Earl of Blake is doing anything to help except be an ass.
Vivien is determined to fix everything for her family and has resorted to gamble her own private savings in order to save them. Aden has only her safety in mind whisking her out of the worst gamming hell (which is also owned by his cousin Griffin Steele) and sweeping her off her feet when almost assaulted by Prince Ivan. Only after a second botched kidnapping attempt Aden spirits Vivien away until they can find the proof they need to stop the kidnapping. Being alone with Vivien is the distraction he doesn't need. Always capable of keeping his emotions separate from his work but being alone together upsets everything especially when he realizes he has fallen in love with her. Aden own cowardice and Prince Ivan mess up everything. Can Aden give in to his fillings in time to save Vivien from the clutches of Prince Ivan?
A great first novel for a much anticipated series if the other are half as good as this it still is going to be great. The next book is due out April 2014 Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom which is going to be Griffin's book. There is an excerpt from the up coming novel at the back of the book, I am looking forward to this I fell in love with Griffin, I always liked the bad boy rouge.

Born in Blood: By Alexandra Ivy New Series The Sentinels A new series by Alexandra Ivy the illustrious author who brought us the Guardians of Eternity, gives us this world of freaks. The High-Borns are people with a little extra, the are the witches, the psychics, the healers, the hunters, the sentinels, and the diviners or to the norms necromancers. They live in a protected city called Valhalla. The High-Borns created the city and shielded it with magic to protect their kind from the bad things the normal people have proven they will do. The witches, the psychics and the healers are self explanatory. The Hunters track down bad high-borns who abuse their powers. The sentinels are the protectors and historians. The diviners can reach in to the minds of the dead, complete control of the dead is suppose to be only a myth... until now. Callie Brown is a diviner who works with the Kansas City Police Department to help catch murders by reaching into the dead's minds and seeing the last moments of their life. Callie was abandoned as a baby and spent all her life in Valhalla but even though she is a high-born she is unusual with her eyes like jewels brilliant sapphires with their own inner light. A proud woman who lets little get to her. But it all changes when Callie together with her guardian sentinel Fane she works closely with Detective Duncan O'Conner to uncover a murder. Sergeant Duncan O'Conner is over his ex-wife, his hangover from dealing with her wedding to the man she cheated on him with. A strong man with a loving devoted family who cares about his job and never apologized for it. But his case is one he has never before seen. A murder of a young woman the cause of death, her heart is missing and no visible wounds or extraction points. Bringing in a necro from Valhalla is the only solution. But working together with the sapphire eyed beauty from Valhalla is hard enough with out the constant urge to take her into his arms and ravish her. Callie tries to see the last moments of the woman's life but their is someone else their another diviner with eyes like diamonds. A series of events where a body disappears reappears and another body disintegrates. The High-Borns torrid past comes up and bites them all in the butt. Callie discovers her past and her origins and Duncan reveals a deep dark secret. They fall in love amidst the chaos and murder as they work their way to solve this giant mystery that ends in a battle at Valhalla of good vs. evil, High-Borns vs. an undead army and Callie is the key to it all. This was a very good story with a great cast of characters that you automatically love. All the secondary character you just know are going to eventually get their own books and I can't wait to read their stories like Fane and Serra. The only bad thing I have to say is that the end wrapped up to nice and easy but other then that this has so much potential I can't wait to read more and watch this world unfold.

The Fixer: By: T.E. Woods I had two, "What a twist" moments, and I always thought I was good at guessing at a whodunit. It's a great mystery a great cast of characters, you got to love Mort Grant. From the beginning it has you guessing and second guessing through the entire book. The Fixer, is a paid assassin, but unlike others she has ethics and rules. One job per country per year, and it must be just. They must be deserving of their punishment. Being astonishingly beautiful helps her when it comes to luring them to their doom but it might be her downfall also. Her past cases include a rapist getting off the hook, a stock broker who has screwed his clients and his wife, a white slavery dealer, and a CEO who purposely caused the death of hundreds of thousands. Now she is contacted to kill a research scientist a doctor who has been miss using animals for his neurological research, including cutting the head off of a silverback gorilla. The Fixer takes the job and successfully pulls it off only to be pulled back by a mysterious backer determined to use her for their revenge. Mort Grant is a seasoned detective but this case of a dead collage student, Walter Buchner, has him baffled; until the forensics specialist finds the special voice modulator found in the students room recorded everything spoken into it recorded the hiring of a hit man to kill Dr. Fred Bastian a neurologist working his experiments on primates. The "good" doctor was found dead of a heart attack the previous month. Mort's son Robbie has also been doing some digging about a hit man, vigilante, who is a woman. Together they tie the pieces together and find out everything they can about The Fixer. Meanwhile Psychologist Lydia Corriger finds herself with a new patient a young woman who swears only Lydia can fix her. She speaks almost in riddles never really revealing herself to Lydia, only enough to raise more questions. The beautiful Savannah tells Lydia she is a hired specialist that does things that often hurt people. She comes in one day convinced that she was the cause of Dr. Bastian's death and also let the name Buchner slip. Curious and wanting to help this patient she seeks out Mort to help. More people die and the twist keep you guessing until the end. A very enjoyable fast passed read.

Montgomery Ink Novella's: By Carrie Ann Ryan  Awesome. New series Montgomery Ink picks up where the Midnight Ink box set leaves off.
Ink Inspired: From the antiseptic and ink smell of Midnight Ink tattoo shop first up is Ink Inspired. Shep Montgomery needs a muse and she just walked in to Midnight Ink looking like a scared little girl, a sexy as hell siren of a little girl and with his usual blunt panache self talks her into spending time with him so that way he can come up with the perfect tattoo for her. Shea Little has had it with people (e.g. her mother and ex-fiancée) telling her what to do. She is determined to do something that her mother will absolutely hate, if only she can get the courage to walk into the tattoo parlor and get one. Only when she finally gets up the nerve the hunk of a tattoo artist says no. After listening to his reason and giving in to his unusual request of spending time together she understands why he initially said no. After a wonderful first date Shea has fallen for this tattooed playboy. It seems like he knows her better then she knows her self. After living with her controlling bitch of a mother who basically sold her off life a regency bride does she break away to find out just who she really is and it seems Shep is the perfect man to help her find it. He doesn't let her hide herself from him or to hide who she or for fear of what other will say. If only her mother received that memo, instead she threatens Shep, his family, and Midnight Ink. You don't mess with the Montgomery's. This is a hot erotic story perfectly portioned story and sex. Makes me wish I had the money for a new tattoo.
Ink Reunited: For those who read the Midnight Ink set you know Sassy. Sassy had her hand in just about everyone's life well now Sassy has her story.Sassy past is a mystery but that helps with her notorious reputation at Midnight Ink as The Sassy. Sassy who gets into everyone's business and seems to know all. But when her past shows up out of the blue one day it scares the unshakable Sassy. Rafe Chavez and Ian Steele want what they lost ten years ago, the perfect connection with Sassy. Ian let his fear of what his family and society would think about his relationship with both Rafe and Sassy get in the way of the relationship, he emotionally distanced himself from the triad. In response Sassy left knowing if she stayed they would break her heart. Rafe felt abandoned first Ian pulling away emotionally then Sassy's actual leaving, but he feels like he is to blame too because he didn't stop it, but after ten years he wants it all back. First he approaches Ian in his New York office and then together approach Sassy, out of the blue in Midnight Ink. Sexually frustrated and shocked beyond belief by the sudden appearance of the loves of her life back has this normally outspoken woman speechless. Only after several heartfelt apologies and two weeks of getting to know each other again do they finally start up their hot ménage with beautifully written and erotic three way scenes. But will Sassy's mysterious past come back also and bite them in the ass? Nope nothing can stand in the way when Ian Steele wants something and now that he knows what he wants nothing will stand in his way. Another erotic read that has me still wanting a new tattoo. I look forward to more of the Montgomery Ink series.

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