Thursday, October 23, 2014

Chasing Temptation: by Joya Ryan

Chasing Temptation is an entertaining read, a little predictable but good none the less. It's a quick read took me no time at all to finish the book; it was a perfect length for the story. The characters are not unique Penny is the typical "girl next door" with a deep need to be bad and Sebastian is the typical big bad lawyer with a not so deep dark sexual appetite with an unrequited love for his best friends little sister. But we love those those type of characters so that's not to bad. With all that being said if you wanna take a chance on it go for it, it just didn't click with me as more than 3 stars.

Penny is tired of her over protective big brother scaring away all the guys she has dated, which has lead to a very boring sex life. Her friends combined bachelorette/bachelor party is just the time to initiate "Operation Orgasm" and seduce the one man she has lusted over for so long and knows from rumors that he is precisely the man to full fill her sexual needs. Sebastian tries to avoid Penny, who fills his thoughts and fantasies. Penny, who is a forbidden fruit little sister of his best friend. He has successfully avoids her until she shows up trussed up like a sex kitten and challenges him. He gives in to her and gives her two weeks to give her all the sexual satisfaction she can handle.

Penny and Sebastian agree to keep it all under raps, mainly to avoid her big brothers over protective meddling. All the while having their steamy hot BDSM filled erotic affair their friends are constantly trying to set them up with other people. Penny and Sebastian fight with jealousy, each other, and their feelings for each other before a totally romantic and sweet ending.        

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