Saturday, January 24, 2015

REVIEW Against the Sky by Kat Martin


As always Kat Martin writes an exciting adventure and romance. Against the Sky is book two of the Brodies of Alaska series; this one follows Nick Brodie retired Anchorage Police Detective former Army Ranger and pet grooming marketing director Samantha Hollis. Your standard opposites attract, strangers in the night, lust at first sight, I say standard but nothing Kat Martin does is standard this is another example of her brilliance. I loved the characters both the main and the second tier. Nick and Samantha are opposites; Samantha a city girl and Nick the rugged manly man but they are exactly what they need in each other.

Bored with nothing to do now that he is retired Nick takes on some private security detail for a friend; it's an easy job and less stressful than being a cop. In need of a distraction Nick's brothers make him take a vacation a little time in Vegas can do the body and mind good. While their Nick saves a woman from a drunks unwanted advances. Samantha is in Vegas for a pet store convention and isn't looking to make it anything but business but when the tall, blond and gorgeous Nick scares off the unwanted advances of another guest he convinces her otherwise. After keeping it strictly platonic their last night in Vegas they give in and make the last night the night to remember always. Three weeks later Samantha feels completely different about it because now she is pregnant. Unsure about what to do she just planned on contacting Nick and getting a feel for how he would react what she got was an invitation to Alaska. 

Nick has been unable to stop thinking about Samantha so on a whim he invites her to spend time with him in Alaska. What was supposed to be a nice two week vacation turned into an exciting adventure investigating the death of his neighbor at the insistence of his the man's son and that turns into tracking down and exposing a drug ring and an underage white slavery ring run by some Russian Mobsters. With the help of Nick's best friend, brother and more they manage to make a mess of an FBI undercover operation and expose the mole. Nick and Samantha fumble through their problems and fall in love but can they work through their differences for a HEA? I loved it, very page turning action and steamy romance.      

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