Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW Snowed In by Sarah Title

Sarah Title's book three in her Southern Comfort series is save to be read as a stand alone. This is a really cute and quick novella to read. It's nice for when you are stuck in the house snuggling up with a nice hot drink because the characters are stuck inside too snuggling with each other. A short and not so sweet story about a woman who just got dumped by her boyfriend meeting the perfect guy in the freezer section of the supermarket.

Maureen just got dumped by her boyfriend and she finds herself crying over the ice cream in the freezer section in the grocery store when a gorgeous stranger makes her feel better with a kiss hot enough to melt the ice cream. Now Maureen is determined not to feel sorry for herself she leaves mister gorgeous dumbfounded and wondering who she is. Gavin is confounded by the crying beauty whose kiss has been burned in his memory, he has gone back to the store trying to find her again but to no avail. Finally two weeks later Maureen is still not over her ex and Gavin is helping out his eccentric elderly neighbor they run into each other again. Maureen after getting some unsolicited advice from a kooky old lady she agrees to Gavin when he asks her for a date. Their date goes very well the chemistry between them is outstanding and even though it's not something she does she agrees that him driving him her to his home would be safer with the snow storm blowing in faster than they thought. Soon they are trapped under the snow and only each other to keep each other warm. But this never go as planned and things happen but can Maureen and Gavin work things out so they can get their HEA?    

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