Tuesday, February 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW Touch & Go by Mira Lyn Kelly

Touch & Go is book two in Mira Lyn Kelly's Dare to love series can definitely read as a stand alone. This book was recommended by a favorite author of mine so I thought why not, I was not disappointed. This is a friends to lovers book with the aggravatingly oblivious hero and love sick heroine. I enjoyed the smooth writing and the easy of which I became emotionally attached to the characters the story was very emotional but not so much you are crying the whole time, but it does get to you.

Ava and Sam have been best friends since they were kids. Sam found a second family more loving and caring than his own on the other side of the river with Ava's family. Ever since Sam showed up one day out of the blue and played a game of hide 'n go seek Ava has been in love with him. Twenty years later Ava has hidden her love for Sam from everyone keeping it buried inside never being able to talk about it ever. One little favor to help Ava shake a guy who just won't take a hint Sam poses as her boyfriend which leads to a kiss; a kiss that shook them both to the core. Now that Sam has had a taste he wants more and they agree to a secret friends with benefits relationship. But the more they do the harder it is for Ava to hide her feelings. It gets to the point that they feel it's best to go their separate ways and pretend it didn't happen. Ava is having a hard time of it and decides it would be easier if she left. Now Sam must face his feelings and when I say he is aggravatingly oblivious it is so emotionally painful to read, made me wish he was real so I could slap him and yell at him "What do you think Love is?" Needless to say it has a very satisfying HEA.

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