Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW Assassin Queen by Chandra Ryan

Assassin Queen is book one in Chandra Ryan 's Forsaken Kingdom. It was a quick read I wish there was more to it; I wish it got a little more in depth about the world they are in  and it's history and a little more action. I like it, it a great idea I love the characters and the storyline and look forward to more.

Lilavati loves her kingdom and her mother but her stepfather is evil and jealous of her as the rightful heir. When he mother gets pregnant, her step father threatens Lilavati death or exile. At the age of sixteen Lilavati runs for her life with her betrothed promise that upon her return he will be there with the other soldiers to fight with her. For ten years Lilavati has worked as a mercenary, an assassin with her own band of men to fight with her among them them a powerful sorcerer, Kirin. Kirin has always loved Lilavati but has kept at a distance since her heart is already sworn to another.

Ten years after her exile and Lilavati's mother has died and her kingdom has fallen into ruin. Her stepfather has sent assassins after her to finally get rid of her. Lilavati has decided to go back and fight for her kingdom. Kirin goes with her to make sure she doesn't lose herself in her new title. But things are not always as they seem.  

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