Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ARC REVIEW Her Unexpected Hero by Melody Anne

Her Unexpected Hero by Melody Anne is a spinoff of her Billionaire Bachelor series so if you have missed those you can pick this up with no problem. I really enjoyed this book insta-lust that leads to true love. Melody Anne is such an easy author to read. If you like your heroes rich, an accidental pregnancy and a reluctant heroine this is a book for you.

Jackson Whitman sealed up his heart when he lost his wife and his daughter. Changing from his hometowns Fire Chief to billionaire he has no plans to marry ever again or have kids. Alyssa's modeling career is over and her manager/boyfriend has royally screwed her over stealing her money and spreading lies. Jackson and Alyssa are on the same flight back into the states, Jackson is intrigued by the beauty he sat next to waiting for the (what seems like forever) delayed flight, so that when they finally board he pays for her to upgrade her seat to the one next to him in first class. The journey from Paris to New York is full of sexual tension and lots of teasing. Upon landing Jackson invites Alyssa to his hotel room to spend New Years Eve with him. Still sore from her boyfriends betrayal Alyssa thinks it couldn't hurt, she needs something to remind her that she is still desirable and it's not like she will ever see him again...

Four months later and Jackson is still obsessing over Alyssa and how she just disappeared after the fantastic night they spent together. He never expected to find her working at his hometown bar. With the meddling grandparents trying to push Jackson and Alyssa together never realizing that they had already met comes to fruition only because Jackson is already obsessed and Alyssa is reluctant. Alyssa is scared to make any kind of commitment with Jackson because he flat out told her his story and that he never wanted to have kids again and here she is four months pregnant with Jackson baby. Alyssa's fear is what keeps her pushing Jackson away even though she is falling in love with him. Jackson is trying to convince everyone he only just cares for her. It does have a bit of a tear jerking ending but a sweet one.      

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