Thursday, March 26, 2015

ARC REVIEW Lust Actually by Heather Long

A brand new series from Fated Desires Publishing, a twelve book series with twelve different authors writing for each of the twelve zodiac signs. First up is Heather Long and the Zodiac Sign of ARIES...

What's hotter than the Texas sun? Two Aries finding out it's not just lust but love. Norah Silver is a brilliant radio show host bring zodiac enlightenment and advice to the late night listeners of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area; it's what she loves but her day job earns the money and her plan is to pay off all her student loans before she will even think about settling down she hasn't had a real relationship since college. Ethan Andrews is content with his life, even as a child he knew he would grow up to be well off and after being a very good salesmen he is at a turning point of his life he just doesn't know it until he meets Norah. 

This is a good book! Norah and Ethan really steam up the pages. Insta-lust they meet in an airport bar and spend the night getting to know each other, no I mean they really do they spend the whole time talking. Ethan is a traveling salesman and is good at it, they keep in contact while he's gone and make plans to see each other again. Ethan soon falls head over heals in love with her and while he is planning his life around her Norah's radios show is taking off and she doesn't want Ethan to change his life just for her. But Ethan is an Aries after all and he won't give up even if it means waiting until Norah realises Ethan is what she needs.

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