Saturday, April 4, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston

Nothing calls to me like saying a Norse Mythology inspired PNR. But this first book in Shelly Lauenston's newest series Call of Crows was just ok, don't get me wrong I want more I will read the next books in the series it's just some of the characters rubbed me the wrong way. I think that's what influenced my opinion; throughout the book they did things that irked me, by the end of the book it was better. I loved the the storyline it was nice as Kera was discovering everything about her new life the more you learned as well. I like where the story is going this book ended but the story arc is open for more books, and I'm hoping that when the character I don't like gets her book it sheds a different light on her and I end up liking her.

Kera Watson died, she survived over seas fighting a war in the middle east only to die in an alley by some thug beating his girlfriend. Next thing she knows she's naked in a strange house fighting so weird berserker guys with an obscene amount of strength and an abnormal amount of strength herself. Unfortunately her new life isn't self explanatory and neither are her new "sisters". The only one forthcoming about any information at all is Vig. The strong Viking, follower of Odin, one of his Ravens; Vig has had a crush on Kera ever since he first saw her at the coffee shop and when he saw her dying in the alley he called on the only one who could help. Now he is the only one helping her figure things out and she just may be the whole changes everything for the Crows.

Overall it was good, the beginning is confusing because none of the other Crows are very confiding it takes awhile for Kera and you to figure things out but it almost pays off in the end. I love Vig and I love the concept I am eager to find out where this goes.

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