Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Virgin's Night Out by Shiloh Walker

I loved this story. it's a blend of three troupes typically over used in the romance genre but Shiloh Walker has used these wonderfully. Troupe one: Best Friend/Little Sister; Troupe Two: Unexpected Pregnancy; Troupe Three: AMNESIA! At the start you think this is just the usual romantic fluff, I love a good bit of fluff, but this in Shiloh fashion gets a little deep. It is a beautifully written story about uncertainty and than love and hope.

Sloane Redding spurned by her fiance when he left her at the altar left her hometown and reinvented herself. On the eve of her brother's wedding she shows up in a stunning red dress to show off just what her ex has missed out on. She never expected to hook up with a tall dark stranger. Sloane is surprised when she finds out her one night stand is her brother's best man/best friend; even more surprising when she finds out she is pregnant. Scared about what kind of man he really is evaded the truth when asked if there was a "problem". Boone Cassidy never intended on a random hookup sure he thought about it but did not intentionally seek one out especially since the drop dead gorgeous brunette in the red dress turns out to be his best friends little sister. But there's something about Sloane that calls to him and is oddly disappointed when she says their is no problem. Months later Boone goes missing on the job and when he returns he can't remember a thing. But even then Sloane and her beautiful baby call to him.

 The Bonus Story I loved, I wasn't expecting it but Tempt Me was so good.

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