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Spring reading I am going to be replacing that horrible "C" word cleaning, with books starting with the letter "C". I'll present to you three book from different genres, different authors, they have nothing in common except they all have titles starting with the letter "C". 

Covered in Coal by Silla Webb. Crushed by Lauren Layne. Carnival Tricks by Jade Kerrion. 

Crushed by Lauren Layne

First up Lauren Layne's Crushed is book two in the series Redemption. In the previous book we meet Michael St. Claire since then his life has been turned upside down. Michael left Manhattan leaving everything behind, except his car, he learned the truth that the man he thought was his father is not and that his biological father is in Texas. So Michael leaves the lights of New York for teaching tennis at an upscale country club. The idea was to see his father first then wrangle an introduction. His plan to do that involved one of his students a gorgeous young lady Kristen Bellamy. Kristen is dating his half brother, Devon. Kristen is a conceited cock tease and Michael was going to use her to get close to Devon until Kristen's twin shows up. Chloe is the exact opposite of her sister plump instead of model thin; smart and witty instead of clothes and makeup, the only thing they share is their love for Devon. Michael convinces Chloe into letting him be her personal trainer, not to lose weight but to get healthy, and it works the longer she stay at the better food choices she makes and drops a few pounds. The more time Chloe spends with Michael the more she likes him, and Michael her. Michael even confides in her the real reason he's here and where he comes from. But as always something happens that tears them apart just after they both realize they love each other and must both face some hard truths before gaining their HEA.

I loved this book, I didn't think I would like Michael after reading the last book but WOW, Chloe brings out the good in him. Chloe is fabulous and I wish I could be her, outrageous head of curly hair and everything.The relationship between Michael and Chloe was great, the sparks fly and even when they don't see it themselves it's there and it's palpable. A great book a must read!

Covered in Coal by Silla Webb

Covered in Coal by Silla Webb came out last year and is the first book of the Buried Secrets series was also her debut novel. Carly Jo Simonwas up shit creek without a paddle, she just found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend a boy she thought the sun rose and set on broke up with her the day before and when she went to her father for help but he just got made and said he wasn't raising a bastards child. Devastated and without the support she needs she ran away. Seven years later her Father is dying and she comes back to make amends. Her plan was to go back to her life but her father left her the whole company, and the CEO position in charge. Colton knows he screwed up and has never stopped loving Carly Jo and will do anything to prove it to her. After telling her the truth about why the breakup happened she accepts and forgives, but Colton is pushing her too hard and too fast for her to feel comfortable about making any decision. Throw in to the mix an old friend, a kindred spirit Luke has Carly Jo even more confused. Top it all off with finding out secrets buried by her father and a nemesis out to ruin everything having to do with the Simon name. 

 I loved the story I loved the premises, what I didn't like was Colton, I did not like him at all with shared first person POV with Carly Jo didn't help, it just made him seem more on the verge of unhealthy obsession and the most upsetting of all... I didn't know it was a cliffhanger!!! I think my exact words were.. " H..How the Fuck could it end there!" but none the less I will be getting book two and three...

Carnival Tricks by Jade Kerrion

Carnival Tricks is a special book it can be read as a stand alone or as an introduction to the Double Helix World. This science fiction universe that Jade Kerrion created seemed to me like a mix between Gattaca (loved that movie) and The X-Men. Like in Gattaca creating the "Perfect child" through genetic manipulation has become the thing to do, what no one expected was that these in vitro children would gain psychic powers. The Genetic Revolution has sprouted purest calling them Human Derivatives, and mutants like in X-Men they are categorized and rated the really powerful ones are rated Alpha and are some of the most hated and feared. Kyle Norwood is 100% human and proud of it everything he has and done has been by his own merit and hard work. Now working for The Three Fates he is charged with protecting two scientist as they make a transaction. Everything goes SNAFU and ends up in a firefight between a ruthless South American cartel and the IGEC (International Genetics and Ethics Council). Sofia Rios is just barely human, the telekinetic powers don't even register on any scale. Working and going to school Sofia gets caught in the middle of firefight at her job when she tries to save one of the men who got shot she was injected with a microchip. Sofia uncertain about what is on the chip isn't just about to hand it over to a drug cartel, IGEC, or even Proficere Labs. Kyle might not like her decision but he will stand by her and protect her with his life, but when he discovers the truth that Sofia is one of those "mutants" that he hates so much can he look past it and maybe see things instead of how he thinks he sees them.

You can't see me but I'm doing the grabby hands gesture. I want all the other and the ones to come. I love Sci-Fi and this world is so in depth and intricate it ties you up in knots, it digs in and spreads it roots into your brain not letting you go. I read Jade's contemporary first and love 'em and when I saw sci-fi was also a genre she wrote in I knew I had to read them and oh boy I love it.   

These books were given as ARC by either the author or publisher in return for an honest review. It was my choice to put them in my spring reading post. 

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