Saturday, May 2, 2015

ARC REVIEW Forever Devoted by Virginia Nelson

Tempting Signs book two, Taurus. Forever Devoted is a wonderful story about two people who have known each other just about all their lives and always loved each other but never told each other how they felt. It takes a bad decision and a horrible accident for them to come to terms with their feelings and finally admit it to each other. It is a very touching story, a best friends to lovers trope.

Robbie and Gray became friends when they both needed someone to count on, both from abusive families they became the only family that mattered. Robbie breaks up with her boyfriend because he thinks there is something more between Robbie and Gray than just friendship. It's true to a certain extent she has always been in love with Gray but scared to say anything about because he won't feel the same, she couldn't be more wrong. It was love at first sight for Gray and when Robbie chose to get in the car drunk of her ass with some guy she met at the bar also three sheets to the wind and gets in a horrible accident and ends up in a coma and when she finally wakes up she can't remember what happened and the doctors are uncertain if she will ever walk again. Gray steps up and takes charge of her recovery and all her needs finally ready to open up to her about his love. But Robbie is tired of being taken care of and is scared of what needing Gray as much as she does will do to their friendship.

It's a good quick read and very satisfying romance.

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