Thursday, May 14, 2015

ARC REVIEW: SEAL Team Six Hunt the Fox by Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo

Book Five of Seal Team Six. Thomas Crocker is back and in a race against time and the terrorist known as the Fox. Unlike the other books this one wasn't as high intensity and edge of your seat. Was it good? Hell yes, just not quite as good as the last book. Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo as always bring you into the SEAL Team Six team takes you on a wild ride with the emotional side that humanizes the soldiers and gives an insight on to why Tom makes the decisions he does.

Months after the incident in Mexico, Tom and the rest of his team are ready to jump back in and get back to work. Their first mission is a doozy. They have received pictures of sarin canisters being kept in Syria they must now extract without the knowledge of ISIS or the FSA. But it all goes a little too smoothly aside from having to take a detour and taking on extra passengers, refugees from the Syrian civil war and Tom having to help a woman give birth. Once they get to safety the sarin goes missing along with the contact who leads them to the sarin. Not willing to walk away from the FUBAR situation Tom and his team help the local government try and track down the sarin but it soon pops up as the terrorist hijacked a Disney cruise liner.

All the while Tom deals with saving the day with his team he tries to deal with personal problems of his wife being fed up with being married to a Navy SEAL. During the whole book Tom goes back and remembers time with his wife the first time they met and when he fell in love to more recent ones of them meeting with a therapist, and in the end he knows what he should do. He is also still dealing with the traumatic last mission.

This is a must read for followers of the series it's not to be missed. It's not good as the last book but by no means bad, it was riveting and intense it's what I expect from a SEAL Team Six series.

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