Saturday, June 20, 2015

ARC REVIEW After Midnight and Cries in the Night by Kathy Clark

Last week I participated with the Release Blitz for Kathy Clark's release for After Midnight and Cries in the Dark. Here are my reviews for both of these fabulous books.

After Midnight was originally self published released in '12 under the same name but under the series name Denver After Dark, it was picked up by LoveSwept and changed the series name to Denver Heroes. After Midnight is a great story, I love romantic suspense and this is a nice blend of suspense and romance, it was enticing and captivating I just breezed right through it, I could not put it down. It's a great first book, it introduces all the characters and the family dynamics. The Morgan family are all Type A personality types but familial ties are strong.

Sam Morgan patrolled the absolute worst part of Denver, but he didn't care he loved his job and he loved his city. One summer night he had a ride along with him when it went all wrong he ended up getting shot twice and another officer ended up dead as well as one dead pimp. The only other witness beside the ride along is a prostitute who disappeared after back up finally showed up. After Sam was released from the hospital he tracked down this mysterious prostitute, who turns out isn't really a hooker but was paid to play the part of one for that night. Kate McKinney was traumatized by what happened that night but was scared about coming forward because it would reveal who she really is and just who her father is. When Sam tracks her down she is scared of what is going to happen next but he promises it will stay private. Strange things keep happening to Kate and Sam being on medical leave is  determined to protect her and get down to the bottom of who hired her and why two people died that night.

Unfortunately I guessed the Who, What and Why right off the bat, but it doesn't take away from the story. Sam and Kate are such a cute couple it's ridiculous it really is a great read.  

Cries in the Night picks up a couple of month after the events of the previous book. We met both Rusty Morgan and Julie Lawrence before; in this book they meet for the first time. They are like a slow lit fuse, an initial spark and a gradual seduction that leads to some nice fireworks.

Julie Lawrence is the Victims Advocate for Denver PD, helping all victims. She keeps to herself and keeps busy doing her job never making any close connections to anyone. Rusty Morgan is a ladies man never lacking a date if he wanted one, but meeting Julie after a domestic abuse and house fire call he can't seem to get her off him mind. She impresses him further when he gets taken hostage with a fellow firefighter by a man who has the whole rigged to explode, Julie knows him, he was one of her first she helped and she managed to talk some sense into him. A friendship buds between them but Rusty is frustrated with his attraction to her it seems like she is the only woman to be immune to his charms. Julie isn't as immune as Rusty thinks and as much as she wants to keep him at arms length she feels a strong pull to him.
 Someone is after Julie and Rusty is determined to protect her, giving into their desires just happens. It obvious to every one how Rusty feels about her but she is afraid her secret past may change that.

Overall this was a great read another one I could not put down; a straight through read. It wasn't as predictable I was torn between the obvious and the not so obvious. Yeah It's good. You get to see more of the Morgan family and love them even more, especially Mom.  

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