Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW Finally Found You by Carrie Ann Ryan

Finally Found You is book four in the Tempting Signs series under the zodiac sign of Cancer. I was looking forward to this because one of my favorite authors writing for my sign, wooohoo! It was a good quick read I really liked it. It's a stand alone from any other of Carrie Ann Ryan's series. The only thing is that it didn't quite get as in depth character and story wise as some of her other stuff, but it is a novella and it does give you enough to fall for the characters and empathize with them I was just expecting more drama.

Presley MacKenzie just walked in on her boyfriend screwing her friend on her kitchen counter. Mason Sutton just got very publicly dumped by his social climbing girl friend. Mason is very upset not just with himself for not seeing his girlfriend for what she really is but for his stupid brother for cheating on the perfect girl, Presley. Together they commiserate and heal, over time they become friends, best friends along with their friendship their attraction grows. They eventually give in to the desire.

Presley designs video games and is having issues at work with the boys club shutting her out sabotaging her career. Mason is landscape architect who is constantly belittled by his brother, the douche that cheated on Presley, and wants more that just a landscaper so he applies for a big job where he can do what he does best, even though he thinks he has no chance at getting it. As things progress with Presley and Mason physically, emotionally they get all confused and well stuff happens things are said and they bot must face what they really need and want before they get their HEA.  

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