Thursday, June 18, 2015

ARC REVIEW Misery's Way by J.C. Daniels

In a couple of days J.C. Daniels newest short story is released. It is an intro to a new series which is a spin off to the addictive series Kit Colbana. I warn you it is short and it is either going to piss you off or have you chomping at the bit for the first full length one to come out. It is written in typical J.C. Daniels style. It introduces Frankie who isn't quite human, not even a little bit and Saleel who isn't human either, well anymore. The mystery behind these two isn't answered anywhere in this short story just a hint.

Frankie is a faith healer, who really heals. While in Florida Frankie comes across two very unlikely people, Kit and Justin. This takes place after the events of Edged Blade, Frankie and her special gift sees Kit as a good sign and sees Kit and her past and respects her all the more for it.

The bonus story is Bladed Magic, it is all about how Justin and Kit first met. It is a good tie in between A Stroke of Dumb Luck and Blade Song.

Overall it's great, it is a must read for any Kit Cobana fan or if you are just discovering it Frankie's story could be read separate from Kit. Either way this is a great introduction for both series.   

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