Thursday, August 27, 2015

ARC REVIEW Reaper's Kiss by Abigail Baker

First book in Abigail Baker's Deathmark series. I really wanted to like this book. I love the premise; different classes of reapers, scriveners who mark the soon to be dead people with a tattoo each unique to them and the reapers themselves who collect the souls, then you have Eidolon who police everyone and the Head Reaper. It's a unique idea but for me the storyline fell flat.

Ollie is an unsuspecting hero, she was just trying to live her life and stay under the radar until her powers as a scrivener starts to show that she is on the verge of becoming a Master Scrivener; and that's bad. Head Reaper not long ago tried to wipe out the master scriveners. It is known that only a Master Scrivener can give him a deathmark and an eidolon to take his soul. Unable to control her powers Ollie gets the attention of the Head Reaper and his Eidolon Chad. Here to help her is Reaper Brent Hume, a disgraced reaper and a rebel. He knows of Ollie's growing powers and wants her to be the scrivener to mark the Head Reaper so he can farey his soul. One thing leads to another and Ollie and Brent are on the run and meeting up with other rebels to end Head Reaper Marin's tyranny.

One thing about this book is that I could not connect with Ollie or Brent. The attraction was instantaneous, and that fine with me, but it went from blushes and heart fluttering to I hate you to lets have sex and then I love you. There didn't seem to be much substance in their romance. It had little things here and there but to me there is something missing in their love story. The action sequences felt rushed and short for the exception of the very last one. The ending predictable, not spoiling anything but it's not a cliffhanger but leaves the barn doors way open for the following book. I may or may not read it sometimes it takes until book two to really get good.      

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